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  1. The lights are about 1.5 inches wide and about 3/4 inch deep. They are attached by 3m tape. Don’t let that scare you. These things are STUCK!
  2. Totally understand that. I debated and looked at this post a dozen times before I decided to do it...and still have issues trying to copy a raptor look. Lol. I spent around $50 the first go with the bar (lights, bar, paint , primer, fuse tap...) then changed my mind. Im probably a dumbass for spending a total of $130 but oh well, I waste a lot on money too. lol
  3. Didn’t mean to confuse you or hurt your feelings. I did two different methods and trying to save someone else some time by seeing a few options. Wish I had seen these lights prior to going through all the work with the bar. When your lights break (I know the quality since that’s what I used first) give this method a shot. There is no comparison in the quality of the light and wiring harness.
  4. I thought about doing that also but I went with the bar route and then removed it within a week (and I spent a lot of time on it for a custom wrapped fit). Here is the difference between my bar attempt and the F150LED lights
  5. The F150LED lights are soldering 2 wires vs 8 on the small lights...and they are orange, not yellow
  6. The little round lights I originally used had thinner wires than the F150LED lights. Both lights had pretty small wires...that’s why I chose to solder them. The small round lights had bad reviews of not working after being wet. I’m pretty pleased with the F150LED lights as they seem to be a much better quality than the small round lights!
  7. It was very easy. I bought a micro fuse tap and connected the positive wire from the lighting harness to the right parking light fuse...the ground wire I simply pulled out a bolt (between the radiator and fuse box) and secured the ground wire with the reinserted screw. The three lights are attached to the grill with 3m tape and are very secure. I love the look they give to this big grill! The lights are easily installed in 5 minutes and used the enclosed zip ties to help hide the wires...I soldered the positive wire to the micro wire tap and soldered the negative wire to the wire loop (not sure what you call the flat round washer with a wire crimp for mounting wires).
  8. After I installed mine I was not happy with the color of the lights recommended in this thread (yellow vs orange). I wanted them to match my parking lights. I researched a little more and came across F-150LED’s. https://www.f150leds.com/products/15-18_raptor_grill_led?_pos=1&_sid=0de280cf8&_ss=r these are extremely easy to install and look great.
  9. Thanks for the instructions. Finished mine today!!
  10. I bought the same fuse tap. Does it matter which side the wire comes out of the tap? I saw a video where these taps have to go in a certain way so that it will work properly (the prong opposite of the wire must be plugged into the constant female in the fuse box). I don’t have the tool to check that. How did you plug yours in...with the fuse tap inserted, is the wire exiting the fuse tap pointing toward the drivers side?
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