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  1. Any updates? Having a similar issue after having a tune from a reputable person. I was not towing anything just driving an 83 mile one way trip each way. I had transmission stuck in 4th and it threw the p0741 with no cel. Then p0741/with cel came on on the return trip. And checking the cel it was for the p0741. Everything I am finding is pointing to the torque convertor. Just did pan service and nothing of was substance found.
  2. Thanks for all the input guys. Decided to test drive one more 6.0L, night and day difference from the first I drove. The second one hands down had better mpg and the power was a bit more. I go Wednesday to pick it up. I'd like to get a tune for it but, I'll wait and enjoy it being under warranty. I will start a new thread and post pics.
  3. I know that's what I told mysef, don't do it. I would like the power of the dmax, just not the cost when it breaks. I was fond of my 6.0l but 11 mpg mixed city and highway sucked.
  4. This was a test drive. Truck has 55 miles on it. The truck im comparing it to is a 06 1500hd 373 gears 35" tires. I'm not expecting 600hp, just a bit more than my old 6.0L that ran great. I'd like to think it would take some time to break in but, terrible fuel mileage and poor performance not what I expected. Great truck other than that. I plan to test drive one more 6.0 and try a Diesel too. Laura Gmc.
  5. Is there a break in point on the 6.0l? Or do all 6.0's get bad mpg and poor power? My 2006 would have put this thing to shame.
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