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  1. UPDATE: Had some contact with dealership this week telling me it would be done....a call a few hours later revealed they did not receive all the parts. Today I heard the transmission pan was back ordered with no date on when they might get it. Brightside, I had to turn in the 2020 Acadia for a 2020 1500 AT4 I guess I get to give next potential next truck a run through for a while.
  2. no bought at different dealer, but all of my service work for 4 years done at this dealership. yes I confirmed 1500 out the door. 24 month/24k warranty which does not thrill me cuz that is basically a 1 year warranty with the miles I drive. currently have several parts on back order...
  3. I was told Friday it would be $3400 to rebuild trans, after my dealership talked with Gm I am on the hook for $1500 Still crappy trans failed 300 miles over warranty but I guess better than nothing. Plus dealership has had me in a courtesy car the entire time so...I'm sorta ok with it. I just pray the rebuild lasts at least 100k I will update when work is complete
  4. yea I know it probably gonna be more $$ but its been there 3 weeks I have had a 2020 Acadia Denali for the entire time at $0 cost. so that is worth something to me. I have been pretty loyal to them and hope that pans out for me when the final $$$$ comes in
  5. I heard from my service rep that GM was going to help out but to what extent he couldn't tell me. I had to agree to pay the labor fees of $1975. this would cover labor only no part. I gave consent 8 days ago now. GM wanted to know what it would take to repair...or if it needed to be replaced. So I am still waiting to here what parts and how much GM will cover. Still in a holding pattern, I do have a dealership loaner so that definitely helps with the whole rent a car deal. I will continue to update as I receive info. Thanks for the follow up!
  6. awesome, I do have a rough country leveling kit in already so those sound perfect I will look into these! Thanks
  7. thx, I have a buddy who has already replaced magnaride with std rancho struts and wired in a resistor. I think his cost was $500-600 I will prob go this route
  8. just got off the phone with my service tech. the exact cause is "transmission damage due to transmission fluid pump failure" wonder if the flush @75k had anything to do with this?
  9. no active shutters. dealership has had it for 9 days...I have a loaner so I guess I don't care. waiting to hear from them if gm will cover this I guess.
  10. Not really cold in the 40's car was warm too, I was prob 15 miles into a trip home from the store.
  11. I was on Highway with cruise on at 72 and thought my truck was missing as well. A mile or 2 later I exited stopped at light, took off and really had trouble shifting into second. Really never saw 20mph after that.
  12. MYC-TRANSMISSION, 6 SPD AUTOMATIC From my build sheet
  13. I cant say I have ever noticed a whining that wasn't there from day one. I always thought my truck shifted weird (hard shifts I guess) also from day one. But how is one supposed to tell if it is normal or not.
  14. I cannot say if the others were flushed or not. I know the 2015 denali with 106k has not been flushed. still running too hmmm
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