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  1. Does any here work for a union? I voted no to strike as I need to pay the bills, that vote wasn't the majority ... were not all lazy.
  2. My Family needed a truck to accommodate are lifestyle. I choose a 2017 GMC Sierra based on features, look and price, didn't even test drive any competitors. Coming from an 05' Honda civic bought new 12 years ago.
  3. I always wondered what that sound was and had no idea until now, thanks guys !
  4. 2009: The federal and Ontario governments provided $13.7 billion to GM and Chrysler (with about $10.5 billion for GM) to bail out the auto industry amid the economic downturn—and essentially save the company. They received equity stakes the car-makers in exchange, which were later sold, while some loan portions of the bailout were repaid. Still, in a 2015 report for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, policy analyst Mark Milke estimated that Ontario and federal taxpayers took a $2.8 billion loss on GM’s portion of the bailout. Documents obtained last summer by CBC through access to information suggest that as of March 2017, Ottawa was still owed $1.2 billion by auto sector, though GM’s share was not disclosed. I love my Mexico build GMC, but damn this feels shitty
  5. I contemplated this location but opted for the back wall, are you concerned of heat buildup? What amp?
  6. Not specific to GM's however my mind is blown - If you pay closer attention to the gas indicator light in your vehicle, you might notice that there is an arrow next to the pump. That arrow is indicating to you which side your fuel cap sits on. Other lights simply use the pump handle to indicate which side it is on.
  7. I sent them an email this morning at 8:32am and received a response with my build sheet at 8:44am, crazy! Thanks for the info 300 Blackout!
  8. The P-300 has speaker level input so adding a line converter isn't necessary. You can tap into the rear speaker levels on the none Bose system in the B-Pillars. ITEM WIRE COLOR LOCATION Left Rear Speaker (+/-) // green - green/black // radio, green 16 pin plug, pins 3 - 11 Right Rear Speaker (+/-) // white - blue/black // radio, green 16 pin plug, pins 4 - 12 The P-300 also has "Intelligent auto turn on/off function" using audio sensing, meaning as soon as the internal amp senses power on the speaker inputs it's turns on so no need to run remote turn on lead Let me know if you get stuck, I just added a Sub and AMP last week, none bose using above wires and it pounds.
  9. Just look at the first digit in the VIN. 1 is US 2 is Canada 3 is Mexico **Note: I hope this doesn't trigger another Mexican build quality rant, I am more then happy with my Mexican CC' ...
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