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  1. new here

    99' was a great year IMO - Welcome !
  2. New to GM-Trucks

    Welcome to the elite club bud!
  3. Dealership sold me hail damaged truck

  4. Dealership sold me hail damaged truck

    Are you sure the hail damage didn't occur after the purchase? Sounds odd you wouldn't notice this when purchasing a previously used vehicle. I would have definitely given the body a good inspection. If I didn't notice any damage prior to purchase I would blame myself not the dealer.
  5. Has any damage occurred? I frequent gravel roads as well and never has radiator damage crossed my mind. Don't sweat the petty pet the sweaty...drive her
  6. I have actually visited Mexico extensively and have never noticed any GM's being assembled in the "real" areas or the "tourist" areas... Have you visited Detroit lately? I mean the real Detroit...
  7. Can I ask why you mentioned "surprisingly" ?
  8. Diggin' the splash guards!!!! What brand are they? Any chance you have more pics....
  9. Hello, friends. I have on the sliverado 2016 there are damages to the left head lamp, namely the lining of the chrome lid. The question is, I can not find this cover separately. What are the solutions, in addition to ordering a new headlight. It is very expensive. Thank you.
  10. Changed my oil today

    I was just going to say; I can;t believe I paid $60, 000 for this PIECE OF SUPERB ENGINEERING !
  11. Cleaning inner wheel well

    I removed my taillights this spring (two screws give it a yank) sprayed water inside, let it dry and coated inside with Fluid Film. I also spray Fluid Film into the fender through the holes in the box. I am paranoid about corrosion also - Good Luck
  12. Hey Diaster - How did you make out with the chrome skidplate? I'm looking to do the same.

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