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  1. Negative - Just following in the local news. This is the same road my kids get on the school bus and hate seeing bullshit rigs like this.
  2. The driver was charged with over-length vehicle and prohibited use of a slow moving sign. 1/2 " tow pin. Air comp in the back of the pickup to release brakes. No service brakes, no tongue weight. And an SMV sign This is why the definition of -"implement of husbandry" needs to be tightened up.
  3. Some genius's in my area let me tell you, check this shit out. Police stopped vehicle pulling a 53" trailer down the highway, driver charged.
  4. "jackaloons" hahahah - I see we have the same opinion on dealerships...
  5. I'll add the procedure to re-learn below: -Put the key in the "on" position -Set the DIC to show the tire pressures, and hold the reset button (right side of steering wheel with the check-mark on it) until you hear a short beep-beep of the horn. Then look for the light. -You'll see that the driver side front turn signal is on, so start with that tire. -Put the tip of the antennae on the tire sidewall about an inch away from the rim where the valve stem is. Push the button and wait for the single horn beep. -Look for the light. You'll notice that the passenger side front turn signal is on, so repeat the process with the front passenger tire. Then the passenger brake light...repeat. Then the driver brake light...repeat. Once you do the driver rear tire, you'll hear a beep-beep which says "you're done".
  6. I use this tool when swapping my snows/summers or rotating tires... super cheap on amazon and never had a problem. TPMS Relearn Reset Activation Tool
  7. Really depends on which part of Ontario you are in, for example; Southern Ontario near Simcoe Ontario it is currently 3°C (37.4°F) Northern Ontario near Pickle Lake Ontario it is -11°C (12.2°F)
  8. Styles_888

    Bye all

    Thanks for the help
  9. New snow tires - Think anyone will notice the center caps on a sierra ?
  10. Does any here work for a union? I voted no to strike as I need to pay the bills, that vote wasn't the majority ... were not all lazy.
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