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  1. I feel your pain and hope it all works out for you man. I have a significant displeasure towards my dealer all based on personal experience and it really does suck.
  2. Looks mint Bud - welcome to the site, enjoy the rig!
  3. I remember those sliding heat controls in my old mans truck, cool memory .. thanks for posting
  4. Hey Bud and welcome to the forums, my apologies for the assholes. My Wifes van has the same no tranny dipstick bullshit, when it developed a leak I called the dealer and they brought a flatbed to take it to the shop. I wouldn't drive it.
  5. No regrets buying my GM, my Dodge product on the other hand = never again
  6. 399, 117 km Awesome man!! Best of luck with diagnosis and repair.
  7. Negative - Just following in the local news. This is the same road my kids get on the school bus and hate seeing bullshit rigs like this.
  8. The driver was charged with over-length vehicle and prohibited use of a slow moving sign. 1/2 " tow pin. Air comp in the back of the pickup to release brakes. No service brakes, no tongue weight. And an SMV sign This is why the definition of -"implement of husbandry" needs to be tightened up.
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