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  1. Window sticker

    I sent them an email this morning at 8:32am and received a response with my build sheet at 8:44am, crazy! Thanks for the info 300 Blackout!
  2. The P-300 has speaker level input so adding a line converter isn't necessary. You can tap into the rear speaker levels on the none Bose system in the B-Pillars. ITEM WIRE COLOR LOCATION Left Rear Speaker (+/-) // green - green/black // radio, green 16 pin plug, pins 3 - 11 Right Rear Speaker (+/-) // white - blue/black // radio, green 16 pin plug, pins 4 - 12 The P-300 also has "Intelligent auto turn on/off function" using audio sensing, meaning as soon as the internal amp senses power on the speaker inputs it's turns on so no need to run remote turn on lead Let me know if you get stuck, I just added a Sub and AMP last week, none bose using above wires and it pounds.
  3. Just my opinion

    Just look at the first digit in the VIN. 1 is US 2 is Canada 3 is Mexico **Note: I hope this doesn't trigger another Mexican build quality rant, I am more then happy with my Mexican CC' ...
  4. HAHAHHAHAH I see Oct 17th is treating you well... "Take in a box of donuts" HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA
  5. Rear defrost

    After a year of ownership... Today I learned I have heated mirrors, cool! Let it snow
  6. new here

    99' was a great year IMO - Welcome !
  7. New to GM-Trucks

    Welcome to the elite club bud!
  8. Dealership sold me hail damaged truck

    Are you sure the hail damage didn't occur after the purchase? Sounds odd you wouldn't notice this when purchasing a previously used vehicle. I would have definitely given the body a good inspection. If I didn't notice any damage prior to purchase I would blame myself not the dealer.
  9. Has any damage occurred? I frequent gravel roads as well and never has radiator damage crossed my mind. Don't sweat the petty pet the sweaty...drive her
  10. I have actually visited Mexico extensively and have never noticed any GM's being assembled in the "real" areas or the "tourist" areas... Have you visited Detroit lately? I mean the real Detroit...
  11. Can I ask why you mentioned "surprisingly" ?

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