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  1. I guess I'm asking for experience from those who have made the change in terms of the vehicle they drive, specifically the 6.2 and the 8 spd. I haven't decided on a change at this point. I also, don't want to void any warranty or give GM a chance to say I didn't follow their service specifications/oil etc.
  2. I used AMSOIL in an older vehicle because I read it was good stuff. I didn't keep the vehicle long after that so haven't the experience of seeing the benefit, which I do not doubt. I too am all in on the best oils and cold starts, heat etc. I tow a little, (3200lbs) or so, most of it during the dead of winter. I believe that maintenance is the key not only to longevity but also to performance. My question ref the transmission was specific to the shifting issues with the 8spd. If I can mitigate the problem by switching out the Mobil to AMSOIL, I will do it and the engine oil and filters too. I love this truck of mine and the 6.2 is smile maker.
  3. I have the same truck. Recent bulletin for 8spd transmission called for a flush and Mobil 1 Synthetic LV ATF HP fluid if you've experience rough shifts. Have you changed yours with this juice or have you used AMSOIL for the transmission as well as the engine oil?
  4. Had the same thing done a couple of weeks ago. Seems a little better. Shifting is nowhere near as quiet as when it was new. Keep going back until something is found to remedy it, I plan to.
  5. I've gotten 9.0l/100 km -- 9.9l/100 km ... highway, cruising 120km (75 mph) with occasional 130 (80 mph) to pass. Distance of 500 kms. I'm certain that it could be better if maintained 100 KPH.. (60 mph).
  6. I agree. If I could have, I would have bought an 8' bed crew in Denali trim but with a z71 package. Works for me.
  7. I have a 2017 Sierra Denali 6.2 4wd. I've only heard a clunk when coming to a stop at low speed just after a cold start. Doesn't happen every time, but very noticeable when it does. I've read some folks refer to something similar with their trucks. I've got about 20k miles on it.
  8. Other than the premium fuel requirement, I don't see a downside for the 6.2.
  9. Digging this up because I've a 2017 Denali and thought about putting a small ultra light camper in the box and towing a 23ft snowmobile trailer.. about 2,000 lbs empty but more like 5,000 lbs loaded. GM says not to put a camper in the bed. I guess it would compress the MagneRide too much and cause some of the concerns mentioned by the OP. I am wondering what the new 2020 model is like because I think that GM discontinued use of the MagneRide.
  10. It was a few years ago... prefer it though. Perhaps it should be an option.
  11. I currently have a 2017 Sierra Denali Ultimate 1500. Really dislike the blue in the dash, had a SLT that had red, so much easier on the eyes imo. Stepped aboard a 2020 2500 Denali diesel yesterday. Seating position wasn't as comfortable as my 1500. There is no peddle adjustment, the dead peddle angle has increased and limits stretch room for the left foot. Supposedly these vehicles have more space but it doesn't make them more comfortable. The seats could do with more adjustment, wouldn't hurt to be a little bigger and the steering wheel telescope could do with a couple of inches more adjustment. The stereo in this model was very nice sounding, full and rich. In terms of the AT4, I don't think you can get the offroad package in Denali spec. Belly plates, shocks etc... GM thinks that Denali's never leave the asphalt.
  12. I'm thinking about a tuner as well. Wonder if it is worth it and whether there is significant change. Would not send anything away to be messed with. I'd like to cut out the speed limiter, would like to tune for better towing when needed... if possible. Something easy to use, multiple programs.
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