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  1. I wish there were a gas approved tank available for the bed.. diesel yes but not gas in my area. Ironic that I can put five jerry cans of gas in the bed but not a tank. I'd love to have a 30+ gallon tank with a pump or directly connected to the existing gas tank. I wouldn't necessary fill the bed tank but would use it primarily on long trips.
  2. My 2017 Denali has the same issue. Feels like the seat moves sideways a little. I thought the bolts had fallen out of the mounts but the seat is secure.
  3. I've had the transmission flushed, the valve replacement and the TC replaced. Didn't fix the problem and am now considering a transmission replacement.
  4. I have a 6.2l. Requires premium gas. I tow 5k lb trailer for recreation, winter driving. On the route I travel, nearly 1K miles of it is regular unleaded at the pump. It is very rural. No freeways, no exits, no fringe. This means I have to carry a lot of gas cans or risk damage to the 6.2. 26 gallon tank is pathetically inadequate imo. Bed tanks aren't legal for gas as far as I know, although I cannot see how five or more jerry cans of gas in the bed is somehow safer.
  5. I received this info from an a guy who is doing significant testing with his 3.0 and is going to do the same with a 6.2 he has. I quote... "I am currently working on a video towing showing the MPG rating at 70mph and 65mph towing a 7x16x7.5' tall enclosed trailer with my truck. Next week I'll be doing the same loop with a 6.2l gas Tahoe to do a comparison. The trailer weight was 4380lbs and as a preview, 13.1mpg was achieved at 70mph and 15.6mpg was at 65mph. Using some simple math I would expect that 60mph would get you around 17.5mpg. I typically tow till about 25% of the tank is remaining and put in about 17 gallons of fuel. This give the truck a fueling range, at 60mph, of about 300 miles or 5hrs of running. In my opinion that is plenty for the balder and stomach to take too.... Those are my expectations for the 3.0 and in a week or two I should have an answer on the 6.2l Gas motor. I'm only going to do one run at 65mph with the trailer but I'm expecting to get around 12mpg."
  6. Nice. Z71? I wish the Denali came with that set up, a longer box, greater fuel capacity and max tow with the cameras.
  7. That is very light.. my trailer empty weighs that. Loaded with my kit, it weighs close to 4.5 to 5k lbs. I also do most of my towing during winter months so it does impact milage.
  8. That is good milage. I have a 7.5 x 14 tandem enclosed trailer. Very high V nose.. aluminum trailer. What was the towing weight of your trailer and the payload in your truck?
  9. 30-40% is significant... especially if towing. I'm not so concerned when I'm not towing because the 6.2 is quite frugal under my foot empty. I'm looking at distance between fill ups. I'd like to know real world towing expectations from the 3L per tank towing 5k lbs.
  10. Just telling you my experience. Rural, small town gas stations don't have 91 on pump in my area.
  11. I jumped from a 2010 5.3 to 6.2. The 6.2 is more fuel efficient. The only concern I have with it is the availability of premium fuel on some of my recreation routes. Mostly 87 octane, regular unleaded is all available at gas stations. I'm wondering if something like Lucas octane boost would be me 4 points with a 15oz bottle per 25 gallon fill up. It is that or carry a lot of gas cans. I had a bigger capacity tank in my older GM as well, which I prefer.
  12. That is pretty good. How heavy is your trailer and what amount of weight do you carry in it and the truck when you tow? What is the milage on hills? Mine with 5,500lbs of trailer (tandem 14' with 4' V, 86h x 7.5w) and kit is about runs about 16 - lower when towing... down to 7 MPG on hills at times. I can see the needle drop as it drinks gas.
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