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  1. I’ll pay the shipping I expect it to be 100-200 shipping but I’ll have to pay that either way from or someone else
  2. Do you have your stock air ram I will the whole piece you removed if you have it get me a shipping estimate and we can work out price 98372
  3. Do you have the link of where you bought this I looked at the site but I don’t see one with the cut outs for the hooks . Looks like it’s plug and play and that’s what I’m looking for
  4. i found the speed clips or body fasteners that match the factory bolts haven't tried them yet but they should work. Their a m8 speed clip
  5. i did find information there pages 859, 860, 861, 1087, 1088, 1089, 1090, 320, 368, all have the connectors information. my issue now is getting a good dealer that will spend a little time with me to order just the plugs or jumper harness, my local dealer wants 235$ for one plug thats same plug online is 30-45$. I would like to by just the jumper harness that goes from the control module to each step. Then buy the plug that feeds the control module and make my own harness that includes; getting a signal for left ext, right ext, left retract, right retract, power, and ground, which should use the 6 prong i believe. Then with the 12 prong harness i would like to buy factory so its plug and play. The 12 prong output would y off and plug into both sets of steps thats how far i am in the thought process so far.
  6. I hope they can i wanted to talk with the other place first i sent them a email regarding it hopefully they get back to me soon. I wish i had a better chevy dealer who was more willing to work with me about getting this done. They really haven't wanted to help me move this project forward they just say it can't be done, which we all know stands for its to much work and i don't wanna help lol. If they would give me the wiring diagram for the factory parts with exploded parts list for the steps it would be enough to point me in the right direction.
  7. I'm hoping they can. I'm just working on the hardnes part on how to get that made first then talk to gtprix
  8. Awesome ! I'm going to post some pics of the power leads and the control box
  9. The relays I believe are on the steps I post some pictures tomorrow but to me if I couldn't get them to work like factory I'm okay with that . I would happy with just getting them on the truck hook them up to power just so they go out when you open the door like a amp step I would assume that should be simple one the wiring diagram is found
  10. So got a good deal on some high country steps and now I'm trying to figure how I can wire them up they have a big harness and a big set of relays/ on board computer I don't understand why they needed so much but any have a way of getting the wiring or install diagram from or dealer of all the components . He gave me the bolts but no nuts or clips to bolt . Hoping I can get this set up kinda a impulse buy but if anything I'll just hook them up to power and power them out and bolt them on just without power and they'll just be out all the time
  11. Nice I almost went that route but for the cost I figured I could build one for cheaper I'll be posting up my list once I have it all together
  12. I just order some focals and ended up buying from Crutchfield on the focal iss 200 component for 296$ and the rear focal 63/4 from Amazon via car toys store for 120$
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