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  1. I visited 6-7 Chevy dealerships between MA and NH when looking for my Silverado, and ended up buying from Quirk Chevrolet in Manchester, NH. I was close at a couple of dealerships, but ended up walking away for various reasons. In the end I think I got about 18% off MSRP before trade, which was about the best I had been able to do. Nothing near the 20%+ that I was hoping for based on these forums, but it was better than some of the prices TrueCar and other sources said were typical of the area. Next time I might seriously consider flying out to Laura GMC. I like the negotiating part of the process too, it's a little stressful but fun. Everyone has a different strategy, but try to negotiate the deal without the trade-in at first. Get their best offer then negotiate the trade-in.
  2. Will tires fit?

    Yup, i have tires in this size and no issues. Might even be able to go bigger.
  3. I have had 2 sets of Duratrac's, one on a 4Runner and one on the Silverado. Both sets were extremely difficult to get a good balance on (both standard and road force balcances) and required way more weight than should be necessary. On the Silverado, I had to warranty-swap out 2 of the first 4 tires I received because even with a road force balance, they still wouldn't balance properly and I had bad vibrations. The replacements seem a little bit better, but still not as smooth as I'd like. IMO, they are over-rated and will be looking at a different tire when the time comes.
  4. Looks great! I have these wheels in the 18" version, with 275/65/18 Duratracs. Please be aware that the center caps will corrode badly if left on during the winter! I installed mine in December of last year, and by March they looked awful. I went to remove them to replace with black painted ones, and several of the bolts were seized and the heads broke off during removal (see picture). Also I discovered that the black paint underneath the caps had begun bubbling and flaking off. I purchased them through tire rack, and they denied me warranty coverage due to the corrosion. I would strongly recommend clear-coating or painting the center caps, putting some anti-seize on the bolts that hold the center caps on, and maybe looking into fabricating some sort of gasket that can be installed between the center caps and the wheel to prevent the corrosion from affecting the black wheel paint. These things should prevent the issues I had.
  5. I used this stuff: https://www.amazon.com/Genuine-12371287-Synthetic-Lubricant-Teflon/dp/B000QIXDEQ
  6. Sound logic there... OP, sorry to clutter your thread with this dude's arrogance. Looking forward to hearing how you make out with a properly set up 12 bolt.
  7. That's what I figured, just wanted to confirm. Thanks for clarifying. Good job, now we know you at least passed fifth grade!
  8. Agreed, my original intent was to ask politely, until someone felt that I needed to be learnt on what backlash was in “Lameman” terms
  9. I'm well aware, but he says that he saw 0.01" variations. Spec calls for no more than 0.002". 0.01">0.002", unless I am missing something...
  10. Nice write-up and pics. Thanks for documenting your work for us. I am confused about the above quote though, can you clarify?
  11. Good to know, thanks for the tip.
  12. I purchased the matte black EGR in-channel ones through GM. The fronts are simply pressure-fit, the rears include some double-sided tape to stay put. They were easy to install, look great, and do the job. However, I have noticed some minor scuffing where the glass slides against the visors, particularly on the front windows, which I use often. I think it happens mostly during the winter, when the truck gets covered in salt and sand. The front ones also rattle over bumps when the windows are fully down. I'm going to use a little bit of double-sided tape to see if I can fix the issue.
  13. Also, most crew cabs are made in Mexico and most double cabs are made in the US, if that matters to you.
  14. Most double cabs come with a standard box. Most crew cabs come with a short box. I have a double cab standard box. The rear seat in a double cab is really not that comfortable for adult passengers, it is cramped. I wanted a crew cab standard box, but couldn't find one around me with the options I wanted.
  15. Nice. Stock driveshaft?

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