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  1. 2017 Denali and iPhone question

    Had a great thread discussion about CarPlay and AndroidAuto here on these forums. My verdict is AndroidAuto is superior in many ways and the winner. The probably is overall I prefer iOS over Android as an operating system I use everyday on my phone. Therefore I have been 'suffering' with the worse of two auto interfaces. I put suffering in quotes because both AndroidAuto and CarPlay are both better operating systems than the stock infotainment system. The faster I can get out of the stock infotainment center and into CarPlay the better.
  2. 2017 Denali and iPhone question

    FWIW I think it's a feature to not have other iOS app notifications going off while I am driving. #lessdistractions #theycaneffinwait
  3. Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay

    Yes. I talked to the online GM chat and they said that if the head unit has Android Auto it will show in up the Settings under Apple CarPlay. Mine does.
  4. Hah. Sorry. I read the entire thread a while ago and forgot. =)
  5. Something from Polaris more in alignment with the Yamaha Wolverine R would probably be the Polaris General. Don't know if it comes in camo though. =)
  6. Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay

    I don't think it was a disabling so much as it was a cheaper bit of hardware and/or software.
  7. Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay

    Aftermarket head units have always been far and away more advanced then anything you get stock. Credit where due, at least GMC paired up with Google and Apple to get their platforms to work on their stock head units. Let me also say CarPlay and AndroidAuto, on the stock head units, are far and away better UX & UI than GM's default. Since GM does not put in anywhere near the effort into their stock head unit UI's the best they can do is open the door for others to do better. Adding better hardware, like the ability to do more than one bluetooth device at a time is probably less effort and money then the spend it would take to get a better UX on their stock interfaces. GM -- keep updating the hardware and let the masters of UX & UI handle the rest.
  8. FS: (4) Goodyear Eagle LS-2 Tires | 275/55/20"

    Sale pending.
  9. Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay

    I also noticed that USB CarPlay disconnects the Bluetooth. I have not gotten CarPlay to work via Bluetooth but that's good to know it's a setting. I am not sure why I would want Bluetooth over USB if I am going to be charging my phone while I am driving anyway. If I got none of the CarPlay functionality and could keep an older Android phone in the car for Android Auto's interface and still use Siri, or even just answer calls on the iPhone that would be perfect. =)
  10. FS: (4) Goodyear Eagle LS-2 Tires | 275/55/20"

    The LS-2's are quieter for sure. There are so little miles on them though I cannot comment on performance outside of basic highway usage. =) Ooo, sounds like these are not the right tires for you! I never had any issues with them.
  11. My Content > New Posts

    The software for this site's notifications seem odd in one particular way. I am wondering if this happens to anyone else. If I am logged in and go to My Content I am brought to a screen that has a list of all the posts, and highlights ones that have been updated since I last refreshed. The problem is, it will tell me someone has posted since I last refreshed but they haven't. It seems to have happened on two threads that I have started. Rather annoying. Anyone else experiencing this and know if I am doing something wrong?
  12. FS: (4) Goodyear Eagle LS-2 Tires | 275/55/20"

    Yep! 275/55/20"
  13. Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay

    But I've had many PC's I've built that stared with Windows XP and I was able to successfully install and run Windows 10! =D
  14. Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay

    Further reference from X25's comment above: Apple's Switch to iPhone Google's Android Switch The far superior UX on Android Auto over Apple's CarPlay is not compelling enough on it's own for me to move off the Apple ecosystem. I'll be sticking with Apple CarPlay for now. Side note: What's the deal with Android device and OS support? iOS 10 supports back to the iPhone 5 which came out in 2012. From what I am reading (correct me if I am wrong) it appears Android OS support goes back only 2 years? I'd hate to have to keep buying new phones every two years. I mean, I do anyway, but it's nice to have a few more years of great new OS's on my older devices.

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