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  1. I had a transmission issue on my 2016 GMC SIerra 1600 with 6 speed. it was deemed to need to have the transmission rebuilt under the extended warranty and it has now been at the dealer for a month. For the past 2 weeks they have said they are short one part and then they will get started. The part they are waiting on is the transmission filters. has anyone else had this issue? i said get one from their oil change and service area and they said they do not stock them. Please tell me has anyone else had issues with this? i look on Amazon and appears i could have a AC/Delco filter in my hand tomorrow. i cant image the GM strike from last year is still effecting this as they say it does at the dealer!!
  2. Just bought and extra one and prepped and painted it when I painted my new rear bumper
  3. I bought it off Amazon. It fit really good and had all the bumper brackets and step pad installed. I just had to remove the step pad when I painted it. Link to bumper For Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073W23LMN?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  4. Put a new bumper on my 16 & added a color matched tailgate handle. Go rear ended last week. Lucky they had insurance and paid up quick so I could get new bumper and get it painted and installed this weekend.
  5. My 2016 Sierra crew cab 1/2 ton has the steering wheel continue to turn after I remove the key from time to time. The wheels don’t turn just the steering wheel. Anyone ever have that happen?
  6. here's some pic's of my 2016 with Mcguaghy's 4/5 drop with helper bag's. I change the tires to Nitto 420's 265/40-22's
  7. truck looks great. im fixing to put some 22's on mine and wonder what rubbing issues you may have? my 2016 crew cab is lowed 4/6 and I like the amount of side wall you have on your truck
  8. the rake not to bad at all. I had the rear set out 6 inches and was bottoming out when I had the truck loaded down with people. plus I pull a big bumper camper and car hauler too from time to time. here are some pics
  9. Installed Mcgaughy drop kit on my 2016. Ended up going 4/5 with their helper bag kit. Tires are 265/50-20's
  10. Here is a pic of the mirror harness. The factory plug is the mirror movement and the with plug is the back up and running lights . The white plug is what I have to wire in
  11. Got my SYPPO tow mirrors installed before heading out. The mounted up nice and easy and plug right in for mirror movement functions. Sometime soon I need to wire up mirror cargo lights and running light.
  12. Did you get your tow mirrors wired up? I just ordered a set of those today for my 2016
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