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  1. The moment a sales person gets aggressive with me I just walk out the door. Dealerships are plentiful I can go to another one. Help me buy...do not sell to me.
  2. Pretty easy to figure out. Take the turbo off and look at it. Crap in this much time they should have diagnosed the problem and could have rebuilt the entire engine if needed. If a mechanic cannot diagnose it in 1 day then fire him.
  3. Being sick and tired of slimy sales men, and having often found women better to deal with. I went specifically looking for a GMC dealer with sales lady. Well are they ever rare! A few are out there if I look hard enough....but why so few is my question. If women make up approximately 50% of the population, why are they only about 1% of the sales people. I bought my house, car, boat etc with women. It does seem some brands like say BMW have more ladies in sales than other brands do. Just let me know your thoughts on this topic if you care to share them.
  4. Went and test drove 2 GMC trucks this morning. Neither is what I want. Much worse was the attitude of the sales guy. Will try a different dealer another day.
  5. Hello to all. My name is Ken, and split my time living in Kelowna BC, and Vancouver BC. Just starting to do some shopping for a new truck so joined to look more into the GMC heavy duty trucks. No decision on Gas or diesel? 2500 or 3500? Dodge or GMC yet? So I will probably ask a few stupid questions along the way. Currently in a 2012 Dodge 3500 gasser, it has been a good truck and treated me well. Before that was a Ford diesel I nicknamed The Nightmare. Need I say more. Never had a GMC before so I will consider one. No I am not as brand prejudice as some are. I used to like fords. My first two Ford pickups were as reliable as Superman. Well two out of three ain't bad I guess. Have had two Dodge trucks and both were great. Thanks for allowing me to join your community.
  6. Damn sorry to hear of your problems. And just as I was about to look for a new truck myself. Was hoping to only read how great the GMC diesels are. Had a Ford that completely scared me away from ever going near another ford diesel. Currently in a Dodge gasser that has treated me well. Trying to decide between another Dodge or a GMC. And gas or diesel. Hope they fix it quickly. How is your loaner ford to drive?
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