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  1. The amp has 3 connectors and the orignal HU didn't have "non-lux" stamped on it like some the other HUs. I'm guessing I have the Lux amp too but before I bought a lux TNR I was hoping that someone could identify the amp by the part number. Did you have the 2 or 3 connector AMP? If you have 3 connector, chances are you had auto volume & could indicate a Lux amp. The 04 Envoy's have the 2 connector crap amp. Mines now running the Lux 3 connector amp. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  2. Taking the amp out and looking at it won't resolve anything. I was able to provide all of the part numbers because I've done that. My vehicle has been to the dealer and TSCS was contacted and wasn't of any help. The post from 10/19 and 11/06 speak to the amps that are/were installed in '03 Envoys. I just want to know if anyone can identify the amp by its part number. If so, tell me if its a lux or non-lux unit.
  3. Its amazing to me that this thread has been going on for the better part of a year. Seems that a book should be written on the subject. I can picture a black and yellow book entitled, ".........GMC TNR and INR for Dummies" I also am struggling with getting my TNR to work in my '03 Envoy. Any help will be appreciated. My vehicle came equipped with an in-dash 6 CD changer (15183817) and what I believe to be a non-lux amp (15099842) because the Y91 option is NOT listed. I bought a non-lux TNR (15229287) and installed it but I get no sound. The dealer is just as stumped as I. I've read posts about programming the amp . I don't believe I need to do that since the amp works with the original HU. I'm led to believe that while the Y91 option isn't listed I do in fact have lux amp since my old HU presents several sound fields. Any ideas or suggestions? At this point I'd pee on a spark plug to get it working.
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