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  1. Pretty badass. I like the carrier made to hang on the back of the seat.
  2. What do you have planned next for the truck?
  3. I work with several guys who are running the Fox Racing 2.0 single adjustable shocks. Currently, there are about 8 employees here who have replaced their stock shocks with these to improve ride quality. We have them on several 3/4 tons, (1) 1 tons dually and probably ()1/2 ton trucks. Ill include a link to a brief description below. The shocks in these kits can be purchased individually. Check them out and let me know what you think. http://www.ridetech.com/store/2001-10-silverado-2500hd.html
  4. We usually recommend that anytime ride height is altered that you look into changing your shock length. The reason being, when you change anything suspension wise (other that a basic drop/lift spindle) to alter the height it will decrease the amount of rebound or compression travel on the shock In the case of a lifted truck, when the distance between the two shock mounting points changes, the stock length shock is stretched out limiting your rebound travel. Its the opposite on lowered trucks, they lose compression travel. In an ideal world, we like to see about 60% compression travel and 40% rebound but a nice 50/50 mix is ok. As an example..if the measurement from center of eye at the bottom to center of eye at the top (at ride height) is 12 inches you would need a shock with at least a 4in stroke. Fully compressed that shock would be about 10in, extended would be about 14. Hope that helps. I imagine the "thump" you hear is probably your shock topping out. Factory style twin-tube shocks have a hard time with that kind of impact. Too much of that and the shock will eventually destroy itself.
  5. Cool. Let me know if I can help you out in any way.
  6. It might be a warranty issue due to the lack of stroke in the shock. When you put a leveling kit on a stock length shock, it limits the compression travel and could lead to the guts of the shock bottoming out in the shock tube. Id say it had more to do with warranty issues than anything else. If you can get me a measurement from center of mount to center of mount at ride height, I can tell you what stroke shock you need.
  7. We may have something in the works. DM me your information and I will keep you in the loop on it. We have some product currently in the R&D phase and are looking to have something together in the next few months. If you are interested, let me know. Ill be more than happy to help you out if I can.
  8. How well did the Lucas work?
  9. I see. Grab me some measurements and Ill see what I can come up with. Are they the shocks that they sent with the lift kit?
  10. If you can get me a measurement from center of the bottom eyelet to the center of the top eyelet at ride height, I may be able to get you spec something out for you. How much weight have are you hauling and what is messing up on the shocks you are currently using?

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