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  1. 285/70-17 on 17x9 et6 Pro Comps w/ a 2" RC level:
  2. Love the wheels on your truck, you say that they are 17x9 et-6 Pro Comps - but I can't find the "et-6" model wheels anywhere on the Procomp website. Could your wheels be the 45 or the 69 series?  They look like the 45 series.





  3. Love it, looks awesome. Sierra without all the awful chrome trim is really growing on me.
  4. I really like how this truck is spec'd. Chrome bumpers with black window trim & door handles. I'd prefer black mirror caps but overall this is looking really good. Did you pick this off a lot or custom order it?
  5. Looks perfect. What size tires? 33x12.50x18?
  6. 2" Rough Country kit w/ 2" rear block and 285/70-17 KO2s on 17x9 et-6 Pro Comps:
  7. Great looking rig, especially in person. The Chevy can be polarizing in pictures but having seen a bunch now I have really grown to love it. In my opinion, the best looking new pick up out there.
  8. I've had my eyes on these tires in this exact size. How do you like'em so far? I have 285/70-17 KO2s now and they're great but I would love a legit 33+" tire with a bit more width to fill out the wheel wells more. These look about perfectly sized.
  9. The 275/65-20 is a full inch more diameter than the 275/60-20. That is not "just a little taller." When dealing with these trucks and levelling kits, that's ALOT taller.
  10. Thanks, man. 285/70-17s on 17x9 et -6 Pro Comps: Recently added a tool box:
  11. Safe to say that my '15 Sierra w/ a 2" RC kit up front & 2" rear block would need some trimming to run 285/75-17 KO2s? They're listed as 33.9" tall and my wheels are 17x9 et -6.
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