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  1. Specs on wheels & tires? Guessing 37x12.50-20? Looks f*cking awesome.
  2. 19' Silverado Black

    Those look like 285/65-18s which is 32.7" or thereabouts. Definitely look on the small side on this particular truck.
  3. For comparison........Truck on the left has a 2.5" levelling kit with a 2" rear block and is on 275/65-20 tires. Mine has a 2" levelling kit and 285/70-17 tires.
  4. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    2015 SLT w/ 2" RC leveling kit, 285/70-17 KO2s on 17x9 -6 Pro Comps. Recently got rid of all the awful chrome trim and badges.
  5. 19' Silverado Black

    Much better looking than the over-styled '19 Sierra.
  6. Just talked to 2019 Sierra Owner

    Sorry, men, but this is one ugly truck. The strange shape of the fender wells, F150-inspired headlights, tacky fender vents, big, ugly, over-styled mirrors, ugly tailgate, ugly exhaust tips........overall, an ugly looking vehicle.
  7. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Optical illusion or not, it still *looks* nose high. My truck has the RC 2" kit and it definitely looks nose high at times, especially parked facing uphill on even a slight incline. Measurements confirm there is a half inch of rake but it doesn't always look that way. Drives me crazy to the point that I bought the 2" rear block kit to get the back end up another inch. Something about the design of the truck from the cab forward that creates the nose high illusion.
  8. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    "The sea was angry that day, my friends..." 285/70-17 KO2 on 17x9 et -6 Pro Comps & 2" RC kit
  9. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Rough Country 2" kit on my truck. As measured, there is 1/4 inch of rake but, man, does it look high in the front. Parked on even a very slight incline the nose definitely looks higher. I am strongly considering the RC 2" rear block to eliminate this.
  10. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Rough Country 2" leveling kit with 285/70-17 KO2s on 17x9 et -6 Pro Comp wheels
  11. Drastic MPG drop

    I experienced a similar sharp drop in MPG back in October. Went from a steady 17mpg in almost exclusively "around town" driving to 13-14mpg since. Truck is a 2015 5.3 with 27k miles on it, 285/70-17 BFG KO2s on Pro Comp Wheels (85lbs per corner), and I use 93 Octane. I was comfortably above 17mpg all summer and well into the 20mpg range on the highway. Seen a few posts from fellow members about this so it seems the colder weather plus the "cold blend" gas used in northern states is likely to blame.
  12. The stock design looks better but they have too much offset (+27), in my opinion. Sit way too far in the wheel wells. The higher offset really exposes the fact that the rear track is slightly more narrow than the front. For that reason, I'll always vote for aftermarket wheels with much less offset, with anywhere from 0 to -12 being the sweet spot for me.
  13. UPDATE: I finally received my TPMS re-learn device in the mail and discovered 4WHEELPARTS had inflated my tires to 73 psi! When warm, they were rolling at close to 80 psi, so no wonder why the ride was so f-ing rough. Took all four tires down to 47psi and all is right again.
  14. What I found on this forum is that the procedure outlined above works only on trucks 2012 and older. 2013s and up require a re-learn device.

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