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  1. Love the wheels on your truck, you say that they are 17x9 et-6 Pro Comps - but I can't find the "et-6" model wheels anywhere on the Procomp website. Could your wheels be the 45 or the 69 series?  They look like the 45 series.





  2. Looks really good. Take the air dam off. I did - makes the truck look so much better without that cheap plastic hanging down. I think it visually raises and lightens the front end. Still need to level mine out.
  3. Looks great. Do you have any closer side shots that show off the wheels?
  4. After working all day Saturday to put all my new black parts on - took it out for some pictures.
  5. Got my extra grill back from the painter. Planning to put it on tomorrow. Midnight Denali.
  6. Went out and purchased most of the parts I need to replace my Denali Chrome. My attempt to create a “Midnight” Denali. Hope to get this on the truck this weekend. The grill is at the painters this week getting painted black.
  7. GM Parts Direct seems like a scam to me. I got on their website and was getting black mirror covers, black skid plate and black door handles. They advertise their price and "savings" - all good till you get to the shopping cart. My "savings" were about $95.47 but then they charge $123.28 for shipping. $123.28 for SHIPPING!!! That wipes out all the so-called "savings". That is just plain deceptive. What is even more ludicrous - $788.18 for 2nd Day Air and $1,083.64 for next day air.
  8. Wow that looks higher than 4”.
  9. Dang it, my new 2018 GMC Denali with about 3,000 just started shuddering tonight on the highway at about 62mph. Dang. I love this truck but now I feel it has a disease. I guess I will call the dealer tomorrow.
  10. First snow in a couple of years here in suburban Seattle - got 10 inches last night! Got up early to get some pictures in the dark. (BTW, let me know if I am posting too much here...) Out on Novelty Hill Road at 7am - it should be a mile long bumper to bumper traffic, I stopped the truck got out and took a picture. Surprised that King County actually plowed this road. I think they have about 3 plows in the whole county. Snow in my 22s.
  11. Sorry, I think it only works for the bridges. You can’t use the luxury toll lanes. I think the discount is time dependent. It’s on the Good to Go site.
  12. Yes I will certainly be voting for the $30 tabs. Thankfully, I live 1 mile outside the RTA boundary so still only pay about $90 per car. If I lived in the RTA I would not have a 2018 Sierra but would still drive my 02 Suburban. I use Good to Go for the 520 bridge, I registered my plates on Good to Go - gives me a discount and automatic billing. I am not putting a tracking box on my vehicle - so I stay out of out the millionarie tool lanes. Love this state - hate the government - and it is getting worse and worse.
  13. It looks good. When I “level” my truck I want a little rake to remain. I have a 4 inch difference front to rear - that’s really bumming me out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. We should get Tim Eyman to run a “no front license plate” initative. That would mess up all the tolling they have set up in the state. Fun times. When I got my new truck I ran it without plates till the very last day the temps expired. Loved running 520 and 405 “toll” lanes for free. I hate that they track us everywhere. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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