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  1. Thanks for the responses. The first dealer visit they lubed it up and the noise stopped for a while, but basically said don't come back this is normal blah blah. Pretty crappy a 50k truck sounds like it snapping in half and it's considered normal. I may take it back again, really piss them off I guess....
  2. I've checked past posts on the stupid rear end clunk, and was wondering if there is a specific lubricant that seems to work on this issue. Should I just spray some wd40 in there? Every turn and even backing out of the driveway is a noisy mess. My truck is a 17 and just recently has gotten bad. I took it to the dealership and the service manager printed me a bulletin and said its normal that the leaf springs pop and clunk. He also pushed on the bed back and forth and it popped like crazy. thanks for any info.
  3. I have the wheels that Andy has, but found a set of new take offs I would like to put on my 17, just not sure if it will work.
  4. Hey all, just wondering if the 2019 wheels will fit on the 14-18 trucks. It seems I've read there may be some fitment issues from the 14-18 wheels working on the 19's but I cant find any info if the 19 wheels will work on the earlier models. thanks.
  5. That makes sense, thanks for the info. I've been traveling from NC to Colorado and Tahoe the past few summers and have seen the checkpoints. Definitely want to move out that way, the mountains are amazing.
  6. What do you guys do in mountain areas that have certain times where chains are mandatory?
  7. Thanks for the input guys. I was googled out and was looking for some good input from you, and got some. Thanks. The Laura Chevy post was definitely interesting....
  8. Just wondering if there was a chevy dealer somewhere in the U.S. that has the same price reputation that Laura GMC has. I know they are basically the same vehicles but my family has been driving chevy trucks since my pap got back from the war in the mid 40's, so I would like to stay with chevy. Thanks for any input
  9. I bought my 17 z71 crew 4x4 in Feb. I think sticker was 48,790. with taxes/tag/ i was out the door at 35,800. No trade or anything. Seemed like an ok deal so I took it. Love the truck so far!
  10. Do you have a case on the s8 plus?(If so which one) I'm going tomorrow for new phones and was going with the regular s8 so I can use the wireless charging feature. I know some hate it, but I like it and use it everyday on my way home.Thanks..
  11. Just wondering if anyone here has used the gear alloy wheels. I have found a style I really like but am wondering if there are balancing issues or finish issues. I bought a cheap set of vision wheels for my last truck, they looked ok but flaked off badly within 2 years. Is there a consensus on what the best brand of aftermarket wheel is?
  12. Make sure the usb is only 32g or less, it won't recognize anything bigger. My 2015 chevy colorado had no problems reading 64g of music, but chevy informed me 32 was max for the silverado. Sounds crazy, but i had to split the 64 into 2 seperate 32's and they work fine. Nuts....
  13. My '17 has done the weird static noise when opening the door twice in the two weeks I've owned it. Glad it's just not mine being a tad strange.
  14. Has anyone bought the colored chevy bowtie decals that are for sale in the "store" on this site? Just wondering if they were any good, they are a lot cheaper than buying all new emblems. Thanks
  15. I just traded my 15 colorado z71 for a silverado z71. Loved the colorado, just not enough room for my two kids in the back, especially on 8-10 hour trips. Congrats!!
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