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  1. Today I'm installing a train horn in my 2017 Silverado.
  2. I bought a train horn from Hornblasters.com, going to install it this weekend. **not my video** but I'll be installing that same horn. (I'm sure someone will ask me so, it's the second one you hear in the video) https://youtu.be/zooUyAqVUvEI
  3. Let us all know when the viewing will be, I'll send flowers.
  4. what sucks is that if you financed it you'll take another hit to your credit getting a replacement. Been there done that.. fight tooth and nail to get full value paid (remaining loan + down pmt + the difference of the price paid) this way when you reapply you'll be in the same boat (minus a few points on your credit) that you were in when you originally got the truck. I wish you the best of luck, I own a deep ocean blue too and I'd probably attack my attacker. I love the color of my truck.
  5. although its still up in the air I have three companies pointing the finger at the driver cooling fan and one major company saying not us.
  6. I think I mixed your comment with someone else's.. my stock projector are the same, however upclose both high and low look yellowish. But at a distance of about 30-75' the lows look bluish and hugs like typical yellow halogen.
  7. I have 2-2" leds on my bull bar (9-LEDs each, totaling 9,400 lumens) they are on the Kelvin scale @ 5500. I hate that the headlights cast yellow while my LED strip is 5500 and my fogs are 5500 and the 2" are also 5500. I'm all about color matching, and I think it was silly for chevy to put in HIDs at such a low K when they could have easily used LED
  8. I did an LED swap in a 2006 Scion tC a few years back. I swapped the Cluster, radio, hvac, door controls and steering controls. I will probably do the same to my trucks cluster and door /wheel controls after my warranty. As far ah the headlights go, I wouldn't mind upgrading to LED, but I've found on other applications that the light cast is very dull. And I believe the current lumen on my stock HIDs are at just about 4200 per bulb @ 4000 kelvin. I would like to be around 6000 kelvin which should output about 5300 lumen. I can't even locate a stock part number for the GM hid bulb.
  9. I used 5% on the rear metering at 0%, 18% in the front metering at 16%, and 5% 2" below AS1. I've also tinted my driver and passenger mirrors, I like driving with the windows down at night but I cant stand the headlights in my eyes.
  10. I'm afraid it'll be crooked lol. but I'm going to borrow my friends laser level, I'll be able to make the most accurate cuts.
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