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  1. Thanks. I'll go in on Wednesday and do that.
  2. Justin, from the research I've done, I agree with what you are saying. I went into the dealership on Wednesday, after they installed the MAS, and the truck started fine. I reinstalled my tune (I have no DPF on my truck) and took it for a drive. Everything ran fine, no codes. Went back into the dealership and met with the service manage. The total bill was $4500 and I have an additional bill of $500 for three weeks on the rental car. After arguing with her for 30 minutes, she knocked the bill down to $3000. I had to pay it to get my car back. I did request the parts replaced be returned t
  3. I have an issue with my 2007 ½ GMC Sierra 2500HD LMM truck, that I really need so experienced help understanding. My truck has 150,000 on it and has never been in the shop. I put an H&S Mini Maxx tuner on it, in 2011, after removing the DPF and exhaust from the turbo back. Everything ran great until 3 weeks ago. I was driving to work and the check engine light came on. I checked the code and the DTC code was “PO642 Sensor Reference Voltage A Circuit Low”, but the truck was running fine. I did some research and discovered it was this could mean the crankshaft sensor is bad. No b
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