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  1. yeah i went on GM parts direct and there was about 230483850214214 options for the truck and could not tell which one had the grey center my truck has. Thank you i really appreciate it
  2. Could anyone help me identify what part number my seat covers are?? I have a 2014 GMC Sierra All Terrain power/heated seats. Also would it be possible to switch with the passenger seat cover?
  3. Ended up throwing on the rear blocks anyways, we didn't alter them like planned. I really like a slight rake but it's not too bad, will look about even when tow my Rzr
  4. Next on the list are fox 2.0 set and upper control arms! Will add to the build thread sometime down the road. Thanks for checking it out.
  5. So we got around to installing the Maxtrac spindle, it took about 3 hours and a couple of beer. Toyo Open Country A/T II LT285/70R17 and Vision Nemesis 17x9 -12 are the wheels and tires i am running. Here is how she sat before the install. The kit in all its glory Then we got to work taking the front end assembly apart. The hardest thing about this was getting the ball joints to break free. A few good wacks with a nice 5lbs hammer will do the trick, dont be afraid to beat the shit out of it fyi. Once we got the OEM spindle, rotor and hub assemble off we attached the new spindle. The Maxtrac spindle moves the entire hub down way below factory specs and gives you a nice amount of clearance. Notice where the lower BJ placement from the hub! Attaching the new assembly to the truck I forgot to take pictures of me bleeding the breaks, very simple with a two man crew, 1.remove factory brake hose, 2. Attach supplied DOT brake line and let the fluid fill the line and drip out, 3. Attach new line to caliper. 4. Have your buddy pump up the brakes(truck off) and hold down the pedal then open the bleeder then close off. 5. Complete steps 4 until all air is removed from caliper, repeat on passenger side. We did not do the rear because i think the block was just too big for the look i was going for. We still attached the rear shocks but will be modifying the rear block by cutting 1.5 inches out of it. I like a raked look, but if you dont just throw em in! its a real pain getting the new sleeves into the fox shocks, the ones it comes with are to small, but they are provided in the kit. use an over sized socket and press the new sleeve in and the old ones will pop right out on a vice, use some WD40 for lube, no one likes to go in dry guys.. The final results. The control arm angles look exactly like factory. The truck has absolutely zero difference in ride. it might not be a true 5 inch but it looks great and you can still add a leveling kit if you wanted for more lift!
  6. No they aren't they are a Toyo Open Country A/T II LT285/70R17 here is the truck as she sits now! I'm hoping that the 5 inch isn't too much lift for it. If anyone is wondering those are Vision Nemesis 17x9 -12 wheels!
  7. As of now no, I have 33s on my truck and it might look funny with the large lift and smaller wheels! But if I do in the future fox 2.0 for the front for sure
  8. Just got in my 5 inch spindle lift for my 17 2wd silverado with stamped steel control arms. So far I'm very impressed with the quality of the parts. Here is a sneak peek, I will be installing this myself next week so look out for the install photos
  9. thanks for the input guys, its a 2wd truck. all of the 4 inch kits i have seen use spacers, i just want to avoid using spacers, is there anyone to get a 4 inch lift without spacers?
  10. I was looking around for a 17 stamped steel 4 inch lift and what I found I didn't like. I want a lift with struts and shocks, not just spacer and extensions. I plan on doing Upper Control Arms from Tuff country. https://www.suspensionconnection.com/10936-chevy-silverado-uca.html. Bilstein 5100 all the way around. http://shop.mrtmotorsports.net/bilstein-5100/bilstein-5100-complete-set/2423830433238319/i-2304103.aspx?aid=9287064 I already have a have 3 inch flat blocks and 1 inch front spacer. I plan on making out the front Bilstein with the 3 inch of lift they provide and use the spacer for the extra 1inch. I want a little rake so Im only doing a 3 inch block. will the rear Bilstein shocks work with the 3 inch lift blocks? what do you all think?
  11. I ordered them from https://www.customwheeloffset.com/ they have the best wheel and tire prices. I paid 1490 mounted balanced and shipped to my house. Shipping is free. I literally took them off the pallet bolted them up and drove away. The balancing was great and haven't had issues thus far.
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