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  1. Trailer is OK checked with other truck. On brake output with meter less than one volt With brakes applied . Like I said fuses are all good. And have Power at fuse box.
  2. So I have a 2015 crew with integrated trailer brakes I have used them twice first time plug trailer in and they popped up on dash only issue I hadon't was going down the highway a few times it would pop up trailer not connected but then it reconnect thinking it was a loose. connection. On trip back home I made sure it was in all the way and had no issue at all. Last night I hooked up same trailer and it doesn't recognize that the trailer is even hooked up. I check all fuses all were good tested all lights work but nothing from brakes. Service trailer brakes did pop up one time when starting truck but at the time I didn't have trailer hooked up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on where to look next. Before I end up taking it in.
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