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  1. Did you put those fenders on and if so what brand are they? Truck looks really good by the way.
  2. They are AVS. Not sure on auto up as I have to leave windows up for 72 hours
  3. Yes that's correct. All told with 2 inch front level and the tire wheel combo I'm getting around 17.5 MPG highway if you were curious.
  4. I've had them on for about 2 weeks and I have enjoyed them. Seem to do really well with all the rain we've been getting here.
  5. Oh Man Thanks. the look is exactly what I was going for. The tires are 305/50R20 Toyo Open Country AT II Wheels are 20x9 Fuel Mavericks with a +20 offset I will get closer pictures tomorrow.
  6. Well I got my tire and wheel setup installed this weekend. I'm pleased with the look.
  7. I got it leveled on Friday. Thanks everyone for all the help while I searched for the setup I wanted. I am very pleased with how it turned out. Here's a before and after.
  8. Got my level kit and wheels setup installed. I'm pleased with the results. Here's my before and after.
  9. Finally got my 2016 leveled up and my fuel maverick wheels wrapped in Toyo Open Country AT II put on today. I'm pleased with how it turned out!
  10. Thanks what's the wheel offset that's the same size wheel I ordered as well
  11. Did you have any rub? I ordered same size tires in a toyo AT what was your wheel offset as that's the same wheel size as well
  12. Installed my Access Vanish tonneau cover yesterday. Just waiting on my tires and wheels to be delivered.
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