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    2015 Silverado 5.3L 4x4 Double Cab
  1. Led light issue

    No harnesses, resistors, or capacitors. It's direct plug and play. Really easy to do.
  2. Led light issue

    I'm running the regular as low beam and the X as high beam. Both work great for me and I can't see much difference.
  3. I have opt7 LED's in both low and high beams and love them. I didn't drill any holes, just put the dust cap over the bulbs. Might just be circulating hot air but I can't get myself to drill into my truck even if it is just plastic.
  4. Led light issue

    No problem. I ordered mine new from eBay for $10 cheaper than on Amazon.
  5. Led light issue

    I bought OPT7 LED lights and have had zero problems with them. OPT7 customer service is good too. Seems like there's hundreds of led/hid companies selling crap and not honoring warranties.
  6. New OPT7 H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

    I bought those same H11 LEDs and they're awesome. The light is very bright and pure white with 6000k, and isn't scattered. I don't even need to use high beams at night anymore. Everything connected perfectly for me and fits behind the dust covers. I wouldn't think heat is an issue with covers on due to LEDs running much cooler than halogen bulbs. I haven't had any issues in the year that I've had them.
  7. Introduction

    Thanks guys!
  8. Introduction

    Hey everyone. I just traded in my 2006 Monte Carlo for a 2015 Silverado 5.3L 4x4 Double Cab and I love it. I look forward to checking out everyone's projects on here!
  9. Truck pictures

    2015 Silverado

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