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  1. We have a 2018 Denali that we just got at the end of December. Over the last week or so, we've noticed a few times that the radio remains on after the engine is shut off an the door is opened. The radio used to turn off immediately once the door was opened. This morning we locked it and went inside and the radio was off about 20 min later. I then started the engine and shut it off and the same thing happened. The radio remains on after you exit and lock it. Is this a bug? Is there a setting that got changed somewhere? Ryan
  2. Has anyone heard rumors of when the next gen Tahoe/Yukon will be released? I thought I saw 2020, but can't seem to find it again. I'm assuming the front end stylings will be similar to those of the new Silverado/Sierra. Ryan
  3. I'm sort of in the same boat right now. I have a 2014 LT CCSB 5.3L 3.42 with about 37k miles. The only mods I've done are swapping out to tow mirrors and putting on Duratrac's 2 weeks ago (265/65/R18). I'm now averaging 13 mpg. I can't imagine that would cause that low of mileage. I'm changing the air filter tonight. How does one check the flapper valve? It's been cold here so maybe that's going to be my winter mileage. Hope that's not the case.
  4. Does anyone know if you can add MyChevrolet to the skills for Alexa? I saw a commercial last night where someone was able to tell Alexa to start their Jeep. I figured I might be able to do it as well. I've searched the forum and google and have struck out so far. Ryan
  5. Here's the view from down below. I ran the cables through the open tracks that the trays used.
  6. Here's the view from up top. Can't really see any modification has been done or the tray is even missing.
  7. I removed that tray and mounted my Tekonsha P3 brake controller there. I took off that entire assembly in order to get the tray to pop off. I then just screwed the controller bracket to the front. When I sell the truck in a few years, I'll just pop the tray back in and you'll never know the holes are there. I'll take a picture of it over lunch.
  8. I'm in the same boat. I bought the P3 and have have been thinking of where to put it for a while. Under the steering wheel is out since I'm 6'5". There isn't much room for my knees (with how I like to sit) so putting something there is a no go. I wanted to mount it on the top of the dash to the left of steering wheel. I got a ram mount set up and kind of like it. It's now just a matter of how to run the cable, since I'd take it down when I'm not towing. Over the weekend I had a thought to take out the "ash tray" compartment (similar to what you did) but haven't gotten around to seeing how it comes apart. The P3 won't fit in it as is, but could replace it if it comes out without too much pain. When I go to trade it in later on, I could just put that compartment thing back and you'd never know. I really don't want to drill into anywhere visible on the dash. Ryan
  9. Just want to give a big thanks to pgamboa. The turn around time and help were incredible. His videos made the swap a piece of cake. Now it's on to the RZY harness. I highly recommend him to anyone thinking of doing this.
  10. Don't use adhesive or a suction cup? Why's that? Ryan
  11. Has anyone mounted their P3 on their dash using a cell phone type mount? I'm not going to be towing often enough that I want it permanently mounted. The problem I'm finding is that all cell phone mounts have the device part vertical instead of horizontal. Ideally, it'd be a suction cup type mount with a flat top. I want to put it on the dash to the left of the steering wheel on that flat surface. I've found a Garmin mount, but it has a ball connector and I haven't been able to find the other side of it without buying a GPS unit. Ryan
  12. 1A Auto is out of stock of the 1AMRP01786 mirrors. I talked to a rep and he didn't see anything indicating when they might expect any to come back in stock. Does anyone have experience with 1A and this situation? I'm just curious as to what the past wait times have been. I'm going to check AM Auto and see if I can find those mirrors on that site. Ryan
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