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  1. Confirmed at the pump and 10 hrs of driving in one day, but hey I'm sure its just my imagination.
  2. Yes I will get a tune as I have suspected for a long time that the A/F ratio is fatter than Rosie O'donnel after Golden Corral. I just have a part or two to get first.
  3. Your eyes would water standing behind it.
  4. So that's cool that you do your own tuning and I didn't pay $250. Otherwise thanks for the input? Maybe? Maybe not?
  5. That's nice, and yet it went up so yeah.
  6. If they get it right nobody will care. If it's late and ****ed up, people will care.
  7. Added a Jet Mass Airflow Sensor today and took it for a quick run. 20 mile loop of mixed city and lower speed (45-50ish) highway got a 21.8 on the Trip B MPG. I know, not definitive, but encouraging.
  8. Mine was so rich you could smell it wasting cash.
  9. So I finally sprang for a cold air Intake and need up with a S&B. They make a very nice product and seem to have thought things out well. It has been on the truck just a few days now, but by MPG has gone up considerably. Up to 17 for 400 mile avg combined. After mostly 11-14. Truck is 2015 GMC Sierra 5.3 with 60k.
  10. I have had 2 Chevy's and 2 GMC's. This 2015 may well be my last. I buy used as I love cashing in on depreciation, and my health has reduced my income significantly. Not interested in Ford or FCA, (you can call it Ram all you want, we all know what it is). Might try a Tundra or Titan. Who Knows?
  11. That is more along the line of my current capabilities. I became disabled a few years back.
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