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  1. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    Cool, thank you sir!
  2. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    Question for the bigger brains in this thread: What I'm currently running: 2017 CCSB Silverado with stamped arms, Belltech 25004 lowering struts set to the lowest setting (the one slightly taller ring) in the front, and I have the rear brought down with a pair of McGaughys 33037 1"-2" drop shackles on the lowest setting with the block removed. What I want: Before the Belltechs I was leveled and the plan was to bring the front end down a little to minimize the squatted look it would have depending on where it was sitting (an optical illusion from street inclines). With the additional drop in the front, I now want to bring the back end down either to level or just a bit higher 'because aesthetics.' Finally, the question: Assuming I'm currently at a 2.5"-3" drop in the back, is my only option for bringing the back end down further to a 4" or 5" total drop going to be installing new hangers and replacing the stock shackles?
  3. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Man, that looks great in that spot!
  4. Phone mount?

    Materials: * (1) Metal hanger cut to length * (3) 3/8" x 3" heatshrink tubing scraps * (1) Magnetic micro-USB cable (run behind the dash to glove box) * (1) Magnetic sticky puck (stuck to the ashtray) * (1) Steel disk (stuck the back of the phone)
  5. Wrapping the full truck

    As you should!
  6. Wrapping the full truck

    I've been putting off wrapping my grille and bumpers since it was cold still (in Texas, so a while now) The video tutorials on Youtube seem to imply to me that: 1) yeah you can do it in a weekend 2) good materials cost but make it easier 3) a second pair of hands is ideal and 4) this is clearly not rocket surgery That said the materials are still sitting in my garage waiting for me to do it. Is doing it myself worth it versus the cost of paying someone? Absolutely. If you can find the time and are motivated enough, it's worth doing. Knock out the easy flat surfaces first and learn while you go. The wrap itself is forgiving, provided you didn't cheap out on it. Also, you'll likely need double what you think. If you're looking to do a color change, I would push for vinyl over PlastiDip because PD is a bitch to remove if you don't do it right or pull it off before it hardens. There's a 2-3 year lifetime on PD until it fades or has to be removed before it chips and breaks during removal.
  7. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Looks like Crew by the legroom and space around the carseat.
  8. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Looking at the results, this might be on my to-do list very soon. Looks great!
  9. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I pulled the passenger rear wheel off to fiddle with some Plasti Dip and tossed the spare on because it's been too humid as of late (really, I'm just realistic about how long it will take me to do.) Low and behold, the shake has appeared at 70 MPH and above. I'm looking forward to putting the stock wheel back on.
  10. That's the plan.. now to get the accountant on board with it. Maybe throw some beer or bbq in with the deal to sweeten it for your buddy.
  11. I want to do bronze or a machined tint on my white truck so I vote bronze. Black is pretty well played out in my eyes.
  12. Audio is 100% off for me. A picture is worth a thousand words anyway, right?
  13. What kind of power connection do you need? Mine had a USB option so I ended up just tucking the cable into the headliner, driver's side pillar, then hardwired an old cigarette lighter to USB adapter to the RPO in the drivers side fuse box. It's hidden and I'm no pgamboa so it's good enough for me. Got my pictures and ideas from this thread:
  14. 2wd vs 4wd Ride Height?

    If you're already going up there, bring a tape measure. I will say that I pulled the blocks out of the back of mine and put McGaughys 2" drop shackles on my 2WD crew cab short box and it leveled it to within a 1/8 to 1/4" There have been some differences with just swapping out the shackles between the 2WD and 4WD (as well as crew cab vs regular and double cab) but I chalked it up to suspension setup due to the extra weight from the 4WD drive train up front. The shackles alone on a 4WD would level it. But seriously, take a tape measure up there.

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