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  1. Just installed mine this afternoon. Super easy thanks to tips in this thread. The black version comes with rear black (non-led) logo. I’m not going to install it. If anyone wants it, please message me.
  2. Several companies are making them. I went with a lower-end ARE model and it works well for what I need it for. ATC also makes one but I wasn't particularly impressed with the one I had on my 2017. I was told Leer has one too, but they're taking longer due to being shut down for a time.
  3. >>Which dealer in CO? I'm looking! We ended up driving to South Dakota to pick up our truck. We did everything over the phone (which I usually do anyway), and just drove to pick it up. They had 4 in stock with the config we wanted, and within a day, they were down to 1. I could have had it shipped but honestly with all this stay-at-home business, and all the tourists invading Colorado, we were ready to get away for a few days. We couldn't find an AT4, diesel with the tech package anywhere closer. There was one down in Texas but it turned out it was a demo unit with 2k miles and they wanted full price for it minus the rebates. no thanks.
  4. This item appears to be out of stock everywhere. Anyone know of a supplier who has one in Red?
  5. yeah. not that bothered about the trailering calibration. I just need to figure out how to get into this third brake light housing and go from there. If it just a harness of 2 or 3 wires, I'm going to test what extending the wiring harness would look like.
  6. We picked up our 1500 AT4 diesel with tech package and a few other goodies yesterday. Sticker was 66, got it for 56 out the door which I was pleased with. I probably could have beat them up for a bit more, but didn't really feel the need to. They were great to work with and that's worth something to me. I couldn't find one with the features we were looking for within 500 miles of Colorado. A few of the ones advertised were either dealer demos or otherwise had something else going on. Several dealers I called in TX and further west were just offering the GM rebates or wouldn't give me a firm price and/or commit to hold it for me to drive there.
  7. Hi, We just picked up our 2020 1500 duramax at4. (Had to drive 600 miles to get one that had the features we wanted, but that's a different issue). We love the truck. We wanted the technology package for a number of reasons. The rearview video camera in the mirror wasn't something I was interested in until I actually used it. That's a really nice feature, which brings me to my question. I plan to put a topper on it just like we did with our 2017. We have 2 very large dogs who travel in the back with us. I know many folks don't like the look of toppers, but to each his own. Has anyone figured out a way, or tried to relocate the camera on the back of the cab to the back of a topper? I'm wondering if I take it apart, its not just a few cables that I could potentially extend and then figure out a way to mount the camera on the back by the topper brake light. My topper dealer mentioned there's a 3rd party working on a kit, but can't seem to give me any further info. David
  8. Hi, I'm looking to trade my 2017 1500 for a 2019 2500. Prices at Laura seem decent. Does anyone have any insight on whether there's a specific month that's better to buy? I know the new look is coming out so I would expect some good prices on 2019s later this summer. Just wondering if I'm overpaying getting around 10k off now. thanks for any input.
  9. I put the Rhino Rack Vortex bars on mine with a Kuat skinny cargo rack. I have enough room to go add 2 bikes with the kuat and 3 if I take it off. The Kuat baskets are really nice but they're very heavy. Even the skinny one like mine is hard to take on and off without help. truck
  10. I have a 2017 Sierra All Terrain. Is there a way to display current altitude on the GPS? My last few vehicles did this. I live in the mountains and regularly drive up around 10,000 ft. Being able to display altitude is a nice feature. Am I missing it or is it just not there? Thanks for any info.
  11. Thanks for the responses. I'm at the the tire place now to get this leak fixed. They are going to reprogram which they should have done the first time when they installed the tires.
  12. I have a 2107 All Terrain and have developed a slow leak in my rear passenger tire. I'm going to get that fixed this afternoon but the issue I'm having is that the truck thinks the front passenger tire is low, not the rear. Is that a wiring issue on the truck or are the TPMs in the tires programmed for each wheel well? That doesn't seem right to me since people obviously rotate their tires all the time.
  13. they are out there. My dealer had probably 50 1500s on the lot and they had one that was crew/standard. That's what I was looking for but it just didn't have what I wanted on it and I was in need of a vehicle. If you're willing to look around or have the dealer find one for you, they're out there.
  14. cool, thanks for the link. I made the adjustment yesterday. Super easy. 6mm hex probably 2 turns did the trick.
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