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  1. Yes, I was referring to on road use. I think a lot of people like the look and think they are better because they are expensive. For a daily on road driver this is far from what you want. Nothing but a hassle ( for the daily driver not living out west) Off-roading I get it completely.
  2. Good luck with the icons! Hell coilover in general. 1.5 year and both are leaking. Pull off rebuild put back just to get ready and do it all again.
  3. Unless you live out west or you service them yourself, no way I’d get coilovers. The ride isn’t that much better and your continuously servicing them on and off on and off.
  4. So I’ve researched for the past two days called everyplace I know of and no one rebuilds coil overs in GA. Any one know of a place in GA? Icon stage 1
  5. In need of a local coil over rebuild in Georgia. Anyone have any info? I’m having zero luck. 

  6. Hello all, I just purchased a 17 seirra 1500 slt 4x4. This will be my 5th gmc. I currently own a 05 envoy xl, 04 trailblazer, and a 98 Yukon. My quick question is what is recommended for the aluminum wheel cleaner, chrome bumpers, and leather seats for the 17? I don't want to ruin them out the gate. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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