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  1. I am curious as to what year trucks this actually applies to. The teaser in the GM-Trucks email stated "2014-2021", but once I saw that actual posting, it made me think it was only for the newer trucks. For example it referenced part numbers, but not for the older models. I have a 2015, is this possible for me? Thanks for posting, even if I can't use it, JBP
  2. BEAUTIFUL, TBarn, I think that will help me quite a bit. Thank you!!! JBP
  3. Thanks Davester, I have several pdf"s which I've downloaded and never found anything about the connectors being color-coded. Can you help me by telling me what colors the connectors are on the underhood fuse panel? ...or, if I am looking down at the underhood fuse panel, while it is mounted, which connector is which? I am set, I think, with the wires that i need and which colors THEY are, but just don't know which connector they appear in. Thanks for the help, JBP
  4. first to RacinDave.... I have to add a trailer connector wired to the ATA scheme, in that the turn signals are separate from the stop light circuits. I have been told to rewire the trailer, BUT I have several trailers and several other trucks, ALL wired to the ATA standard. I will be easier to rewire the GMC, then to redo all the others. Now to Davester: I have several downloaded manuals, as well at the GM Upfitters manual. I have my issue sorted out, I will splice into the feed wire to the front turn signals and run a wire from each to the trailer connector. From the manuals, I know which wires I need, but all the manuals tell me to find those wires in connector X1 at the left front fender fuse panel. What I can't find anywhere is which of the five connectors on that panel is the "X1" connector. I am certain that GM marks the connectors somehow, but can't find any such documentation. I think maybe GM presumes that "everyone knows", but I assure you, I don't. Thanks for the help guys, I appreciate your experience and time. JBP
  5. Hi folks. I have a 2015 Sierra and am getting ready to make a couple of additions and changes to it. I have been reading the posts about how to do most of them, and i "think" I'm okay, at least, so far, I am, but I do have one question. How do I identify the various connectors at the underhood fuse panel and the panel behind the brake pedal on the inside of the firewall? Many of the helpful posts say to splice into "wire 12 on connector x1" but I can't find which of the connectors is "X1". I have downloaded several of the manuals from GM, and see that they also refer to a spoecific wire in a specific connector, sometimes even showing a picture of the connector, but I can't figure out how to determine which connector goes by which name. Thanks, JBP
  6. I have that body builders manual, however the ONE page which i need the most is blank, with a "image not available" printed where the reverse of the X50 fuse panel diagram. I attempted to fix that by downloading a second version, however the same page is missing. I don't get it.....almost 900 pages, and the one i need is missing! .
  7. I realize this is an old thread, but I am new to the topic and have a follow-up question. I've downloaded the manual and gone though it carefully, I think, and have a question on the connectors. I could not find a description on how to identify a connector on the fuse panel. For an example, the left side underhood fuse panel is X50A. The manual tells me that the wire I want is in connector X1, but which connector on the panel is that? The same holds true for the other panels which have more than one connector....how do I sort out which is which? Thanks for the help, Jim P Rochester, NY
  8. Hi PGamboa.  I have read through the posts in this thread and am getting ready to upgrade the mirrors on my 2015 Sierra 1500 SLE.  It appears that there are many combinations of features in GMC mirrors, so here is what I have:  They are ( or appear to be ) stock, and are pretty plain, only having power glass adjust.  I am looking to upgrade to mirrors with turn sigs, markers and heated glass.  While I would enjoy puddle lights, and the cargo lamps, those are not "absolutely needed".  As the saying goes, nice, but not needed, so it they happen, great, but it is not a show-stopper if they don't.  One thing that I do not want, or need, is the power fold feature.


    From reading the posts, I understand that some models have all the pins in the connectors, some don't.  So, my first question is "how do I tell", is it by sending you a picture?  If so, is it the connector that you want to see IN the door, or is it the one in the door jamb? 


    Secondly, I want, no this is a "need" to add heated glass.  I suspect this is not as easy..... What controls the element?  I have talked with some guys who say there is a separate switch in the door switch panel for the heater, but a couple of other guys say the mirror heat is wired to come on when the rear window heating element in on.  If it is the separate switch, be aware that my GMC does NOT have a switch in the door for mirror heat.  What do I do about that?  ....it sounds as if I also need a new door console.


    Next, I have searched the internet and have found mirrors similar to those that I want, HOWever, if you have a "suggested vendor" or if you sell them, I would just as soon get them from you, in view of all of the good comments regarding you on this site. 


    Finally, I understand that the moderators of the forum may not appreciate all this on the bulletin board, if we need/should take this off line, let me know how to contact you.  Also, I am not in a great hurry on this, it is still winter in western NY, I am just getting my "ducks in a row" and will actually DO this, when it warms up.

  9. Okay, sorry to bother you folks, this isn't a very friendly forum. My best to all, JBP
  10. I just purchased a 2015 Sierra and need to get a couple of wires, +12 VDC and a coax, for a 2-way radio antenna, from the dash area to the roof cavity. What path do the existing, factory installed, wires take, and is the best approach to follow it, or is there a better way? Thanks for the help, JBP
  11. 1. Okay on the pictures. i belong to another forum, ( 6066 GMC ) and have to post pictures on a sharing site, then paste in the link I'll look that up, probably the same picture hosting site will work here. 2. Question on my 2015 GMC Sierra.... I need to get a +12 volt wire and a coax ( 2-way radio ) wire into my roof area. Where do the existing wires go from the lower body to the roof area, and what is the easiest path to get a couple more up there? i know that a couple of manufacturers pull in extra wires, like for a Dodge "police package" or a Ford with the "taxi package" does GM do that? 3. I noticed in the underhood fuse box, a couple of fuses marked "upftr" or something like that. ARE those power sources for body builders, etc., to get power for added accessories? If so, if a particular fuse is marked "upftr1" or "upftr2" and i plug a fuse into the appropriate fuse slot, WHERE to i get the power provided by that circuit/fuse? I purchased the Haynes manual on this vehicle, but it is woefully uninformative on the electrical system. 4. I also want to add a cigar lighter receptacle to the dash, near the existing "always on" receptacle, what is the easiest way to get power to do that? Thanks folks, I appreciate the help, JBP
  12. As a new guy, I would like to post a question, but can't figure out how/where that is done. Am I still "too new" to have posting privileges? JBP
  13. I posted the pictures of my '64, but i am new here, so I'm not sure that i did it correctly. Did they appear? JBP
  14. Hi folks. Just want to say"hi" I just bought a 2015 Sierra 1500, but I am a long time GMC owner. I also have a '64 K1500, which I bought from the fire department. They bought it New, used it as a heads fire truck and sold it to me in 2009. I will have questions from time to time and am looking forward to any help that I can get. Take care, JBP
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