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  1. What gas millage difference did you notice?
  2. I just purchased a 2018 GMC Sierra with the SLE value package. I would like to add the tow mirrors. Do I need the factory door harness for the functions to work ie.. turn signal, running light, power adjust and defrost. I do not have power fold. Thank you in advance.
  3. I am considering a Banks DPF back exhaust. I know it says it flows much better then stock, but I would like to hear from guys that might have one or another DPF back exhaust. Is there any performance benefit?
  4. Looks good. I did a similar install on mine. The tip was 15" long so it goes back farther then yours, but looks very similar. I wanted a nice look but did not want to change the exhaust.
  5. How high is the level on the front? Any rubbing? Thanks
  6. Congrats. I did the same thing two months ago and love it as well.
  7. Looking for recommendations for a good tow tune. I want something hand held that I can put in and take out when needed. What tuner (company) seems to have the best tunes and which handle held tuner is the best?
  8. Guys I am looking for pictures of the stock exhaust cut back and a Stainless tip installed keeping the air vents. Please post pics?
  9. EGR Delete question

    Can someone with Diesel experience please help me out with this one?

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