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  1. One showed up at my dealer Tuesday. Its a 3500 with the 6.6 gas motor. Very nice looking truck.
  2. Well guys I got the time to put the 2” Rough Country lift on. Thinking about some Gear Alloy Rims next. I have Falcon Wildpeak AT3W 285/55/20 tires already.
  3. I took the time to buff and wax the truck today. It came out pretty good. Going to level it when I get back from vacation. I have 285/55/20 Falcon tires on it now. Also have a Five Star Custom tune in it with a K&N cold air intake.
  4. I use a Bully Dog BDX tuner and Fiver Star Tuning did my tunes. This is the second truck they tuned for me and I am more than happy with it. They are great to deal with and the customer service is top notch.
  5. You will be fine towing that. Yes a 2500 would make it easier, but to answer your question yes your truck will pull it. I pull a 30' toy hauler with two quads at about 8000 lbs and mine pulls it fine. Yes it does move around a little when semi trucks blast by, but not enough to worry me.
  6. My son and I race quads. I put two TRX450R Honda's in it. The half ton with a tune pulls it fine as its 6,500 lbs empty. It does move around a little when semi trucks pass by.
  7. Does anyone use the add on tow mirrors with their 8.5 wide trailer. I’m looking at getting a set to use when I pull my toy hauler. I don’t want to spend $700 for the factory tow mirrors unless I have to. Can you actually see down the sides of the trailer with them?
  8. What size tires did you go with? 285.55.20 or 275/60/20?
  9. When i'm driving between 30 to 35 mph at a steady pace then accelerate very slightly I get a shutter vibration and it sounds like the exhaust rattles. The tech was able to reproduce it from what I told him. He has done the fluid change and replaced several torque converters in the past. He said my truck had the updated fluid and from the what the truck is doing its definitely the torque converter.
  10. Well took my 2018 GMC Sierra Elevation addition 5.3 6 speed in yesterday for the dreaded shutter. Their "transmission specialist" has ordered ma torque converter to be installed next week. I just don't understand why GM did not correct this on the line when these trucks were being built after all the trouble they have had.
  11. How much lift or leveling do you have and what size tires. That looks great!
  12. I did, but no longer have that truck.
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