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  1. Alright, I fought with this truck all day yesterday. I put a crank sensor it it first and as I expected it didn't help. I checked spark, fuel pressure and everything else I could think of. Everything checked out fine. I noticed when I could duplicate the hard start I would smell raw gas for a sec right when it started. So I got the truck to spin over for about 4-5 seconds and stopped right before the engine fired. I pulled all the spark plugs and when I got to #5 the plug looked damp and smelled strongly of gas! I finally got a clue. The injector seemed to be leaking down. I called around and found an injector locally. I installed it it starts up perfectly every time.
  2. I haven't taken the starter and had it tested but it spins fast and sounds normal. The battery is only a couple months old and the alternator makes 13.8v
  3. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and looking any suggestions on a problem that has me stumped with my avalanche. It has a hard start condition. It seems to be related to the outside temperature. I didn't do it all winter and started back as the weather warmed up. It starts fine if the engine is completely cold and it starts fine if you crank it within about 15-20 minutes after cutting it off. If I cut the truck off and let it sit for two hours and try to start it it cranks for several seconds before starting. it's a 2004 with the 5.3. It doesn't have an inline fuel filter or a fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail. Everything is in the tank module, which I have replace with a new AC Delco unit. I have also replaced the evap vent and purge solenoid. I'm going to try a crank sensor just for the heck of it tomorrow. It doesn't set any codes. Does this sound familiar to anyone. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!
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