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  1. Exhaust leak sound while under load

    Simply put our trucks are rattling time bombs. These won’t last the test of time. GM quality is on a steep downward trend. Sucks because I know ford or Toyota wont give me shit on trade in for a Gm product. Sure liking that raptor grill that’s available
  2. Exhaust leak sound while under load

    Yes had back doors but swung open not like a standard door that they have now. Like extended cab and crew cab. Now extended has 4 doors. Dodge did it first. Push start isn’t a gimmick I literally have to dig my keys out of my pocket to get in, I have a 2015 Explorer I just touch the door and go. GM is the same company that produced Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, all outdated shittty vehicles from the get. Taking thread off topic but I think this “exhaust tick” or engine tick whatever you want to call it will be the death of the truck. The way mine clicks Lol
  3. Exhaust leak sound while under load

    Ford and dodge sadly. They make fun of everyone and then copy it. Dodge half back doors next thing u know Chevy has a “double cab” ford with the v6 turbo here comes Chevy with a turbo. Ford with aluminum, Chevy has spent so much money bashing aluminum is the only reason the new truck isn’t all aluminum. list goes on. Why do we still have a key? My 2010 Altima was push start. Wont be buying another gm product. My neighbor bought a ct6 one of the first in country and that thing is always in the shop. This Chevy is my first and last. My 5.3 ticks like it has aids
  4. Silly Floor Mats

    I have WT over the hump. I get a ton of sand in the truck from the beach or boat ramp etc and the WT have held up nicely. Nice feel beneath the feet. Only issue my passenger side has started to fade and is not as black as the driver side. Bought second hand for $60.
  5. Exhaust leak sound while under load

    Our trucks are pos. Never buying GM again, a decade behind other manufacturers.
  6. Lol you said you waxed it twice a year so I took the information you provided and came up with an educated guess, based off YOUR words. Wolfgang isn’t that great imo. You said wax nothing about a clay or anything so
  7. You said it yourself. Wax twice a year. Carnauba wax does not last 6 months. A good wax job MIGHTTTT last 90 days and that’s stretching it especially here in Florida close to the ocean. That’s your problem you only waxed twice a year on shitty Toyota paint and probably never clay barred your truck. I don’t know what I’m talking about I only run a detailing company.
  8. Wash your truck for God’s sake. Paint only fades bc it’s filthy and disgusting. Get a detailer over to your house and pay him to put a coating or sealant on the truck. Ffs.
  9. 2” spacer + Fox coilover with 2”

    What does that even say?
  10. Best miles per gallon?

    12.4 mpg. Truck is a pos
  11. Upgraded wheels lost 4mpg

    Damn I felt like i was going to run out of gas at 335miles light comes on about 300 miles. Pretty annoying issue especially when I planned on this mpg after a lift and tires not before lol
  12. Chevy Truck Legends Emblem Placement

    Above Silverado on doors looks good to me
  13. Upgraded wheels lost 4mpg

    I had the dealer go over everything after the curb incident and align it again after that plus when I put new wheels on. Drives straight as an arrow. What bums me out is such shitty mileage with barely any mods, I planned on doing a 4” lift, bumpers front and back, exhaust, wheels and tires lol id probably be in the 6-8mpg range after all that. Here I’ve been thinking the past year my truck is the Prius of trucks(getting 18-22mpg) when in reality I get 14mpg lol
  14. Upgraded wheels lost 4mpg

    Had to edit this post. Trolls.
  15. Upgraded wheels lost 4mpg

    Just completed my first tank. 23.161 gallons got me 335 miles. 14mpg. Dont understand this. Going up 1” rim size should not drop my mpg this drastically. These are the wheels from a z71 so all z71s get 14mpg? No point in owning this truck if I get 14 I’ll give it 2 more weeks.

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