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  1. When you pay as much as we have for these trucks and add OCD? I know the feeling but as some others have done I've always used a knife to cut or peel away all evidence of foil. In the end we don't want to be those guys screaming at the top of our lungs "Foiled again!!!"
  2. There are many MPG threads on here and other forums. Some say "If you bought a truck it ain't for MPG's" Of course there are more comments like this but my question is about an often used statement. "Your truck's powertrain is still breaking in and It should continue to improve as time goes on." <- or something similar I'm no rocket surgeon so forgive me for asking. Why is this often used statement used... and is there anything scientific to back it up?
  3. Boy I'll tell ya that is one thing I miss in this new truck. I'll update when and if installed.
  4. Hover around on that page and you'll see what I'm talking about.
  5. Does the following kit allow the cup holders to be moved as in previous year vehicles? Mine is the 2018 where it cannot be moved. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/interior/2018-sierra-1500-interior-trim-kit-crew-cab-synthesis/23147676-p-92297528.html
  6. Using the menu Knob does bring up the LRUD + Zoom in/out. From there you can push the menu button to perform pinch to zoom type functions but not actually touching the screen. It’ll work so thank you.
  7. Well I'll be damned it works like a charm. Thank you.
  8. Happy Easter from the CEO of the Catholic Church. CEO.... {C}hristmas and {E}aster {O}nly. Anyway is that plati-dip or paint?
  9. Is there any preventative maintenance that can be done with the tailgate latch? Mine ‘18 seems to be getting a little tough to open and although it’s under warranty I thought if I could lube, grease, silicone, spit on, or whatever it takes to loosen it up it’d be nice. Thank you for your consideration and as a side note I will not be having a garage sale this weekend.
  10. It’s cool to see the info here and all but my only problem with this video is that fact that he’s using his fingernails to push the menu button. Doesn’t he know that’ll wear out the lettering?!?!?!
  11. I read another post that speculated the mileage was based off of moving time and may not take into effect idling time. That's hopeful though. I've had a 2015 Silverado - accurate and a 2015 Sierra - also accurate. My 2018 Sierra is about 10% off.
  12. Delete and reinstall the truck. I kid! Is this the app on your phone requesting access or is the truck asking?
  13. I've owned 3 GM Trucks since 2015. A 2015 Sierra, a 2015 Silverado, and now the 2018 Sierra. The Chevy had the 5.3 with the 6 Spd. No issues what so ever aside from the head on collision at 55mph. The 5 star rating is legit. I moved to the '15 Sierra with the 6.2 and the 8 Spd and holy balls that thing could pull but... it had trans issues. Those got better over time but I would still get the occasional clunk. Finally I had the opportunity to jump on and '18 8 Spd 6.2 with nearly every bell and whistle. It's been butter smooth since day 1 and get's better as the miles pile on. Your results may vary but as you can see I was one who had the issues and still came back. I love the look and feel of these trucks and while every manufacturer is going to have issues.... in the end it's all a crap shoot.
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