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  1. Oh the humanity!

    Apparently it's an emergency. https://jalopnik.com/emergency-photoshoppers-are-rushing-in-to-fix-the-chevy-1830914287
  2. Oh the humanity!

    They look like the flip down to be wider mirrors. Or the RAM's long arm of the law look.
  3. Oh the humanity!

    It's taken from a live broadcast of the Hindenburg disaster. The Zeppelin went up in flames just before landing and I believe it to be apropos.
  4. Oh the humanity!

    Gay? That is defiantly not what came to mind when I saw this truck. Of course I come from a time where Gay meant happy, Queer meant odd, and a crack dealer was a helluva salesman.
  5. Jalopnik is reporting that this is the new 2020 Silverado HD. https://jalopnik.com/2020-chevrolet-silverado-hd-gaze-upon-it-and-weep-1830846265 True or not if this thing is even close to the final production it'll be a laughing stock for sure.
  6. My Gmc app unlock

    I was in the same boat with my 2015. It was a nice convenience to have when needed. When I found out the 18 I just bought only had 3 months free it no longer became a necessity. I am thinking about getting an outside door keypad vis a vi the Fords. Now if it was only integrated better that'd be nice.
  7. I had the Michelin DEFENDER LTX M/S on my 2015 Sierra and when I traded it in on the 18 I said "Good riddance". I did a lot of research on those things and thought I made the right choice but those damn things were squirrelly! If you encountered any grooves on the highway the whole truck wiggled and towing a trailer magnified it. I never had an issue with the standard issue Good Years which is odd as everyone hates them! I'm currently running the stock Goodyear Wrangler SRA's and I'm not experiencing any of the issues I had with the Michelins.
  8. Tint Question

    I just saw this today, the rolling down of the windows by another driver, and it wasn’t dark rather rainy though. I’m in the mountains a lot and don’t want to obscure my vision but.. to each his own.
  9. Careful! That sounds eerily similar to ObamaCare
  10. Love the idea of a front camera. It’s nice to know you can add it but why not have it direct from the factory?
  11. So yours is not located at the very bottom of the driver's side pillar?
  12. I thought I looked everywhere for this damn sticker but I guess I found the only fault of having a quicksilver truck. The damn thing was stealth!
  13. I've had a '15 Silverado - head on collision totaled, '15 Sierra, and now an '18 Sierra and have not had the shake. I think it sucks ass that those that do are treated like it's some phantom issue. But it is nice to know that there appears to be a fix, albeit at your own expense.
  14. So... On the Ram you have to click through multiple screens in order to turn off/on the heated or cooled seats?
  15. Hand to God I clicked on this expecting a post on racing. I've been trolling the f150 forums waaaay too much.

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