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  1. You should ask the guys at Dirk King. I believe that they have done this for a customer in the past. The tonneau cover should be pretty easy but if you want to run a cap, you will likely need to stick with +3” fenders. actually, now that I think of it, this guy has a cap on his 2019 with full glass front and rear: https://instagram.com/denaliprerunner?igshid=1a2239pocfrzq
  2. Thank you. I’ve been wanting to put this in for a while now. It turns off super fast. Either go back to the home screen on the radio or just turn off the fogs. It will be off 99% of the time anyway. I plan to use it mostly in off-road situations. I’m out in the desert quite a bit. It’s already come in handy. It’s unbelievable how convenient it is to have a camera in the front and the rear. This was just the first cheap one that I found on Amazon. They have plenty of cameras listed as backup cameras available. They are usually in the $30 range. Doesn’t hurt to just try one and see if you like it.
  3. Hey guys. I thought I would post up my newly installed front camera that I just put on my truck. This is the first DIY video that I have ever done. Any comments or criticisms are greatly appreciated.
  4. I did semi finish it. It honestly did not work for me. I think there were a variety of factors that led to it not doing what I wanted. It would open up under even the slightest throttle input. I’m not sure if I had the wrong size or type of tubing, but it was a drone nightmare. It also didn’t sound very good even when it was open. The whole thing was very disappointing. I ended up just holding the valve closed with a bit of bailing wire. I really wish I could find an electric solution that opens and closes quickly.
  5. Good luck with your search. This configuration can be extremely difficult to find in some areas. I had two separate dealer tell me that it didn’t even exist. My search was even harder because I wanted the 6.2 as well. These trucks are definitely out there, but the problem with finding them is that auto trader and other sites don’t let you refine your search by configuration or engine displacement. I ended up looking up a VIN decoder to make finding mine easier. Most people that have these trucks, like you, don’t realize that they are special.
  6. Wow, this is my favorite feature on the Tundra. I’d love to have this on my truck. I wonder what the quality would be on this? I’d have to do the full roll down window.
  7. I’ve seen these HUDs at the dealer and was not all that impressed. Do they show more than just speed and RPM? Can I display other things like the inclinometer?
  8. This link just takes me back to this same thread. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. I’ll be honest I wanted to keep my smug Denali grill but hated all the chrome. So I took it apart and painted the grill sections black. I think it came out great.
  10. This is a terrible idea. You can blow up a diff pretty quick like that. OP, you can try under mounting a 35” equivalent that is narrower that 12.5
  11. I love it. But I would not recommend it to most of my friends and family. It needs a WiFi connection for most of the cool apps. You can just use a hotspot on our phone, but that was a big PITA for me with my last truck. My new truck has the built in hotspot and it works flawlessly. it runs all my apps natively, meaning that my phone is not tied up like with CarPlay. It’s also runs my GAIA mapping app for off-roading. finally it just looks awesome. Literally everyone that sees it makes a comment.
  12. I have the Phoenix unit and I love it. It’s been in my truck for almost a year and I wouldn’t even consider going any other route. I listen to Pandora natively on the unit almost exclusively. I get tons of compliments about it even at the dealership. It awesome for me but is not for everyone. It has a few odd quirks that will annoy the average person.
  13. I’d say that I get about the same as you. Honestly, I don’t think that the weight is the biggest factor. I also use this trailer for work and even when is has just a few tools in it, I get about 12mpg on flat highway. I will say that when I had a diablo tune on it, I got 1-2 better MPG in most situations.
  14. I’ve got 25,000mi on my ridge grapplers and really like them. They still have a lot of life left too. try customoffsets.com they have a huge gallery of trucks that all list their lift, tire and rim sizes. It’s how I picked out my setup. It’s not just brodozers and mall crawlers.
  15. I had just the airaid tube. And loved it. You get almost all the same sound that you would with a full intake at a fraction of the price. I didn’t really care about a little extra power, you are not going to feel 10hp anyway. I think it was only like $60
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