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  1. Just tie into the front turn signals. Run a relay to an amber LED. I’d drill the light into the clear (reverse) part of the taillight housing. pretty straight forward. Any competent mechanic should be able to do this for you
  2. The only things that will get me to buy this new truck are adaptive cruise control and true keyless entry with push to start.
  3. LOL don’t worry the bow tie on the back of your current truck or the Nike logo on your shoes or the north face on your jacket or the Starbucks on your coffe will do plenty of advertising anyway.
  4. If you find one, please let us now. I have had the same situation they are all huge and ungainly. They’re also super expensive
  5. I agree. I think this system should self calibrate. It needs to be able to compensate for angle changes when the bed is fully or even over loaded.
  6. Just out of curiosity, what was the price on that part?
  7. Has anyone done this? My last truck was a Silverado LT and I put a nice custom android head unit in it. I’d really like to put that same unit into my new Denali. I don’t want to have to replace all the stock speakers though. Has anyone done this? I have looked, people seem to be just ripping everything out.
  8. I have the intune with the 91 octane canned tune on my 6.2 and I can honestly say that I felt zero difference. It did straighten out my tire size and get the onboard MPG calculator to work again though. I wasn’t expecting much and I got what I expected. I have an airaid intake. Maybe a custom tune will make a difference, but I don’t really care that much. I have a Vette for going fast.
  9. I believe that the zero offset would have actually been a little worse because it is the inside of the tire that rubbed. I still think it would be an easy fix though. I would jave have liked the zero offset because it would make the truck look a bit less.... juvenile(struggling to find the right word for it). 😂
  10. I had it done at the place that sold me the wheels and tires. All leveling kits will require a front end alignment. 18x9 -12 Method Roost 285/65/18 Nitto Ridge Grappler Only minor rubbing at full lock. It was easily fixed by pinning back the liner. This is a pretty aggressive setup. I really like it, but I would have gone with a zero offset if these wheels were available like that.
  11. I also have a 2017 Denali. I went with the ZONE 2” level for a few reasons. - I feel one the bottom spacer is more simple and moves less stuff around. - The zone kit looked to have the highest quality bracket/relocation system for the Magneride sensors My truck still rides like a Cadillac and I think it looks great.
  12. ZONE 2” level Method Roost 18x9 -12 wheels Nitto Ridge Grappler 285/65/18 tires
  13. These “ultimate” edition GMCs are a joke. Just some existing options and a set of wheels. I just picked up a Sierra Denali ultimate and I can assure there is nothing ultimate about it over any other loaded Sierra Denali. The wheels are especially ugly too. What about an actual black out package about for these Denali trucks for those of us that don’t like all the chrome.
  14. Thank you so much. I’m really happy with the way it came out. What would you like to see? Its a 2017 Denali ultimate 3M Dragon Fire Red wrap Grill was professionally painted satin black Lower bumper thing is just plasti dip Roof and B pillar are wrapped black Tailgate has an embossed american flag ZONE 2” level Method Roost 18x9 -12 wheels Nitto Ridge Grappler 285/65/18 tires Custom back rack with tie downs and tool box pretection UWS gull wing tool box Thats about all that I can think of visually Uploading many pics is a PITA because I can only do one per post. This is a good shot that really shows off that red color. My vette is stock BTW.

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