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  1. This is a terrible idea. You can blow up a diff pretty quick like that. OP, you can try under mounting a 35” equivalent that is narrower that 12.5
  2. I love it. But I would not recommend it to most of my friends and family. It needs a WiFi connection for most of the cool apps. You can just use a hotspot on our phone, but that was a big PITA for me with my last truck. My new truck has the built in hotspot and it works flawlessly. it runs all my apps natively, meaning that my phone is not tied up like with CarPlay. It’s also runs my GAIA mapping app for off-roading. finally it just looks awesome. Literally everyone that sees it makes a comment.
  3. I have the Phoenix unit and I love it. It’s been in my truck for almost a year and I wouldn’t even consider going any other route. I listen to Pandora natively on the unit almost exclusively. I get tons of compliments about it even at the dealership. It awesome for me but is not for everyone. It has a few odd quirks that will annoy the average person.
  4. I’d say that I get about the same as you. Honestly, I don’t think that the weight is the biggest factor. I also use this trailer for work and even when is has just a few tools in it, I get about 12mpg on flat highway. I will say that when I had a diablo tune on it, I got 1-2 better MPG in most situations.
  5. I’ve got 25,000mi on my ridge grapplers and really like them. They still have a lot of life left too. try customoffsets.com they have a huge gallery of trucks that all list their lift, tire and rim sizes. It’s how I picked out my setup. It’s not just brodozers and mall crawlers.
  6. I had just the airaid tube. And loved it. You get almost all the same sound that you would with a full intake at a fraction of the price. I didn’t really care about a little extra power, you are not going to feel 10hp anyway. I think it was only like $60
  7. I was in your same situation and went with the 6.2. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. When I purchased, I was towning my quads around but now I have a RZR. It tows great from Phoenix to Flagstaff(almost a 6000’ climb). Probably about 5500-6000lbs in total with all my camping supplies. I hook up the trailer and go camping once a month. I test drove some HDs, including Duramaxes, they were really just not for me. Being my daily driver, I wanted something that was a bit lighter on its feet. Purchased new about 18mo ago and have almost 40k mi on it now. You won’t be disappointed.
  8. I use mine to on my air mattress pump when I go camping. I also use it to charge my Milwaukee power tool batteries and my laptop. I have never had it not work for me. But then again, I am a reasonable person. The people that expect this to work like a job site generator are crazy.
  9. If you can source the black grill parts for a good price, I would do that. I had my Denali grill professionally stripped and painted. The paint chips off like crazy. I use a sharpie to go over the chips every time I wash it. I plasti dipped the lower chrome piece at the same time and it has held up perfectly. I wish I had just done the whole thing with dip. I also did this exact thing for my friend when he picked up his Silverado. I got him a RC light bar and decided to do it while we were in there. Both trucks spend a lot of time in the desert.
  10. That’s awesome. I’m actually reading your build thread now. Your truck is awesome and is actually very similar to mine. I wish I could have found a Crimson Red, but I really needed the 6.5 bed and wanted the 6.2. I ended up having to do a wrap for in 3M Dragon Fire Red. Granted, I’m going up and and off road and you are down and on the street, but definitely similar. Very cool.
  11. That makes a lot more sense. Thank you. Basically, I’d just get this fitting and T off for my MAP and my cutouts. Actually doesn’t seem too difficult. Maybe even just a quick call to ON3 and they can just set me up with everything I need. Nice setup, BTW. Why did you go turbo and not SC? How much power are you putting down?
  12. Thanks for the picture. It doesn’t seem to show where the MAP is being secured or how it is being fed. Any chance you can take another one from a different angle?
  13. I am looking to install a vacuum actuated exhaust cutout from loudvalves.com https://loudvalves.com/collections/vacuum-activated-loudvalves/products/2-5-y-pipe-boost-activated-cutout-and-turndown?variant=32821518284 I just need to know where people would recommend tapping in to get the vacuum needed. I would really prefer a location after the TB but I don’t want to drill a hole in my manifold. Also... need to confirm that I need the 3” version. thanks for any help!
  14. Just tie into the front turn signals. Run a relay to an amber LED. I’d drill the light into the clear (reverse) part of the taillight housing. pretty straight forward. Any competent mechanic should be able to do this for you
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