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  1. I think the bigger problem are the terrible roads in Pennsylvania where I live. Cold winter and warm summer makes for bad roads.
  2. Good to know. I can live with it. Just wanted to make sure something else wasn’t going on.
  3. I have a 2018 Sierra crew cab and lately I noticed when I hit bumps on the road particularly when they hit my right rear my back end feels like it steps out on me. Similar to wheel hip. I have upgraded Bilstein 5100 shocks with stock everything else. I inspected the shocks and they still have pressure. I also checked u bolts and they were tight. Only thing I believe I noticed was that the right rear wheel seems to be missing some of the stick on wheel weights for balancing. Would an out of balance tire cause the rear end to get a little squirrelly over bumps? Anything else I should check? thanks
  4. I’m in the market for new tires for my truck and it’s between the ko2 and Duratracs. It’s been beaten to death which one is better. Frankly my conclusion is they are pretty similar. However what I don’t hear is how much better they each are over the stock wrangler sras. The reason I ask is that if both are a big step up in traction (for me snow and rain) over the stock set then it doesn’t matter what I choose. I bring this up because the duratracs( my first choice) are sold out in 275 55 20 nationwide and if I can’t get them I’ll just go with the ko2 especially if they are that close. any thoughts?
  5. Good news. I think I fixed the problem. I checked the clamps on my air aid tube and where it connects to MAF and to the air box and the clamps were woefully loose. I tightened everything up and it made a big difference. Didn’t realize a vacuum leak would be hat significant.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Unless I got a bad tank of gas I’m going to pull the battery off and see if that fixes it. If so it’s a computer thing. If not I’ll take it in to get looked at.
  7. For the past 2 fuel runs I have used 89 octane instead of the 87 that I normally use in my 17 5.3 Silverado 6 speed auto. The shifting of the transmission has gone down the toilet the last 2 fillups. I am almost out of the second fill and going to go back to 87. I normally drive pretty smoothly and know that these have a learning ability to the transmission. I've had some rough shifting that has occurred off and on but has gone away as I've calmed back on my driving habits. However, this feels different. It feels like the shifts are just off. They aren't well timed. When flooring it in first to second it just doesn't shift in time. It is a slow shift into 2nd and you feel the lag before it catches the next gear. The truck does feel underpowered. I know that higher octane fuel is better for higher compression engines because they combust later. I am wondering if the higher octane fuel is killing the power of my engine and throwing off the shift points? The only mod I have is the Airaid tube (still have regular filter). I don't hear any vacuum leaks coming from the engine. Any thoughts? I was planning on unplugging battery after I fill up again with 87 to see if it gets back on track.
  8. Hey everyone. Thought I would chime back in. I went offline for a while because I was frustrated. However, I've been fortunate that the dealer did a road force balance and the truck has been much better. Have 6k miles now and hopefully all is well going forward.
  9. I purchased a 2017 crew cab LT short box (18 inch wheels and towing package) a week and a half ago and was so excited. Unfortunately on the way home the truck shook pretty bad on the highway around 75-80 mph. I thought it was the road and chalked it up to that. Over the past week though when I go over 65 the truck will shake 75% of the time. I didn't feel anything during test drive since I couldn't get it over 55. Sometimes the vibration is pretty bad. I took a chance buying the truck with all of the issues hoping I wouldn't have it. I love the way it looks, the size, ride height, etc. I bought a cover for the bed and nice running boards. I have the center console which was a huge selling point and it was a lot of work to find it in my area. I am beyond upset and at a loss. I spent a lot of money on the truck and traded in a good car for it. I don't have the patience to try and have them throw parts at it while the truck depreciates and nothing gets done. Does anyone know what my options are? Will the dealer offer to give me a replacement since it is under 30 days? Is there something I should have them check first before I make a decision on whether to keep it? I don't want to put up with this for years to come. I also am nervous about another one having the same issue. Very frustrated. Appreciate any advice.
  10. I pulled the trigger on a Graphite crew cab short bed. Really happy with it. Just weird getting used to a big truck coming from a car. Need to practice a little!
  11. Thanks so much for the insight. I'm headed out tomorrow morning with my wife to do some test drives. It's between a graphite colored one with a console and a blue one without but with leather. Tough choice! I'll keep everyone posted.
  12. If you get the buckets in the LT that means you get the center console, is that correct? The center console is really what I am looking for. I tried the website on chevy to build your own and when I add the cloth buckets the console doesn't show in the picture.
  13. Thanks for the comment. The incentives look great now. I am stuck between the LT and LTZ. My budget has me in the 5.3 with LT package but I really don't like the bench seat in the front. To not get that package I think you need the LTZ with bucket seats and that gets pricey.
  14. What did you do during your test drive to test it? Was it going up to 80 or something else? Did you take on extended test drive?
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