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  1. That would cause vibration. How much I guess you'd have to compare different amount of runout by vehicle. Sometimes one vibrating element can offset another. But what the video is demonstrating is not good at all.
  2. The bad GM steering truck

    Thats some scary stuff. Not sure I like thinking about how my steering inputs get interpreted down at the front end. That story doesn't seem real though. Why wouldn't GM buy that back. Seems they wouldn't want it out if it caused a death/injury.
  3. Masthead needs more contrast between labels and back ground. Search box and all icons hard to see against truck picture on top of home screens and elsewhere. Need to get a better search engine. Try searching words like lowering or suspension and no match.
  4. Price paid?

    joejoe, You got a good deal. I don't blame you for going with the V-6. I own several 1500 in my business with the old v-6('09,'11,'12). the new one is head and shoulders above the old one and ranks right up there with some v-8's. I use mine for my small business and like you never need 4wd. I load mine heavy at times so went with v-8.. I really wanted the 6.2/8spd in 2wd but I was told no longer available at least couldn't find one. I
  5. What is the gm part #? I assume its an adhesive back logo you just peel and stick or what? Thanks Edit OK I'm awake now see the #'s in first post.
  6. Price paid?

    Now that I've received delivery, I can post a link. My truck was delivered to me and only had 76 miles on it when it arrived. Here is a link to the dealership I purchased from. I ended up getting 36.5% off the sticker. http://www.holidayautogroup.com/details/Whitesboro-New-2017-Chevrolet-Silverado-1500-3GCPCREH1HG427963 Cost was $27,800 plus TTL. What is PDA and Vehicle Exchange Bonus. ..
  7. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Picked up 2017 LT, 5.3l on 9/29 100 mile on odo so far. Still driving my '06 1500. Quiet is an understatement on the interior. Love having pw/pl/remote, SatRad and backup camera.
  8. Hangtime

  9. Price paid?

    2017 LT 2WD DBL Cab 5.3L MSRP $42,380* Out the Door $ 31,500** *(40,680 + Dealer installed accessories 2399.93 = 43,079.93).(since some of that's fluff(nitrogen$149) tinted front windows $100 excess, edge guard $ 100.00 excess, Door steps $300excess ** OTD 31,500 which included tax, tags, admin fee ecetera. I had $ 2500 gm card points. So that makes it 34,000 otd before points. Contacted four dealers on monday. Shared anonymous quotes on wednesday. Got lowest quote (33,000 otd)Thursday on what I was originally looking for, a WT trimmed with same layout as what I got. Couldn't feel the love for black painted bumpers. One of the dealers had quoted me high on both wt and the lt I bought but said he didn't want to let me ride over few hundred $'s(more like 800.00 actually). So took a shot at emailing 34k otd(quoted me $ 35,500(aprox) on an msrp $ 42,380. They emailed me back with' we accept your offer' So for 1000 more than best on homely wt I got much nicer optioned truck. Its important to be prepared not to get a truck if its not a deal you can live with. These trucks are crazy expensive now. I been driving a '06 ext cab 5.3l wt trimmed ls package(crank windows get it). Bought it new in 01/07. This truck cost me double what that truck cost me new. 16k otd(26K aprox sticker) Nice fit and finish, very quite, good power for 5.3L. Nice to have backup camera, pwr windows/locks remote start/key fob. Visibility not as good as '06 and ride height too high(ingress/egress poor) even though I'm 6'3"

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