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  1. The shudder is gone. After looking at pinion angle front was 2.5 and rear 5.5-- spec is 4 degrees max. They ordered a 2 degree wedge kit. By inserting wedge between spring and axel block the angle was corrected. kit #23469809 qty 2, description shim kit 7.518 N. Happy to say shudder is gone. Dave the shop foreman said shimming was common on GM back in the 80's. Part of the problem for me was the long box std. cab. Hope this help someone else.
  2. Brought truck in Monday by end of day with GM tech support help now think problem is pinion angle, ordered shim kit and will install Wednesday. The shop foreman did drive a comparable 18 truck and fonud same shudder only hardly noticeable. Maybe GM has aproblem here me thinks.
  3. Update GM rep. emailed, wants me to set up for a complete diagnostic at the dealership. Have appointment for Tuesday 3-27. Hope Mother GM (customer care)comes up with a fix. Tick tock.
  4. Update, got a call from &GM today rep. asked if I had returned to dealer? I had not so I said I would today. Interesting I loaded up about 400# set between tail gate and axel, the shudder went away, as soon as I unloaded the shudder came back. Mentioned this condition when I stop at dealer after my trip today they said we might have to wait for a software update from GM. I know the service manager haveing bought a number of vehicles over the years. BTW the GM rep. offered me either a free $100 sertificate for future use at dealer ship or one year free onstar-- took onstair. Good thing truck is totally usable other wise mager downer. Also updated GM rep on above change while loaded and empty.
  5. I have same problem,shudder while braking starts at 27MPH and ends at 23MPH. This condition happens while in gear, not in neutral. Notice same shudder while coasting down no brake, however gone in neutral. Had shop foreman ride along he noticed shudder condition. Set up appointment for following Monday. Service report stated no codes, software up-to-date ,no problem found??? Contacted GM have case number waiting for further info or direction from GM!? Tick tock. Truck is new Silverado 1500 WT 6 cyl. 6 speed stock,currently 2k miles on truck.
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