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  1. https://www.wheel-size.com/size/chevrolet/silverado-1500/2017/
  2. dealer installed accessories basically. start the video at 1:25
  3. Probably a decent price for your area, couldnt find anything cheap on cars.com within 100 miles of 10001 zip code. Good luck.
  4. I would not get into another lease with money down on top of everything. I am in a similar boat as you, have a 2017, basically the same as yours, but my lease is not up for another 17 months. At that time the buyout is around $25k. I plan on buying it then, and if I could have afforded it at the time, I would have bought it from the beginning. Leasing worked for me, as I got what I think was a pretty good deal, $315/month tax included and 0 drive off, and was not ready to commit to a larger payment to buy. If you can afford to finance the $28k, and the truck has not had many issues for you, I say go for it. Unless you can find a similar truck in your area for sale for less, then maybe consider walking away and buying something else.
  5. @pgamboa I have a 2017 Silverado 1500 LT Double Cab All Star, with DL8 mirrors, and I would like to upgrade to DPN towing mirrors. Am I correct that I would only need the new mirrors and each sides new harness, but not the RZY harness? I read your first post, and looked at the provided dropbox links, but the model years stop at 2016. Thanks in advance.
  6. I have these, in 255/70/17 and I paid $129/ea in Oct. 2017. Overall I like them, but now in my second winter they are slipping a bit in 2wd during rain and light snow. Not enough to worry me, but more than they did just last season. I am still pretty confident in them, but maybe they wear quicker than a more expensive tire. In heavy snow and auto 4wd or 4hi they are great.
  7. I agree. Easy to install with the CURT 55384 harness, no splicing factory wiring, only splice the Curt harness into the reverse wire on the OPT7, if you want reverse, otherwise no splicing at all.
  8. Odds are they won't have the accessory illuminated bowtie in stock. You could always try covering the gold logo of the illuminated bowtie with white vinyl.
  9. I got the standard, only becuase I never liked the dual releases on the SR1. One side latch is better IMO.
  10. I have these on my truck now. Great in snow, but my mileage did go down a bit. I really like the way they perform. I bought them becuase of tire rack reviews, and have not regretted it.
  11. I mounted it on the bed face below the tailgate. It was a little difficult to get into position, I even dropped it behind the bumper for a minute. I eventually got it where I wanted it, and peeled the backing off slowly and pushed it down across the width of the opening. Overall it came out great, but I'm not sure how well it will stick if it is cold where you live. Might be overkill, but here is the spot where its supposed to go. Don't mount it too high or low so that the bumper or tailgate cover the leds.
  12. Without looking at mine, I assume this is normal, although yours does look a bit jagged at first glance. I watched some youtube vids of cabin filter replacements and it looks like they all had the notch. I could be wrong though.
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