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  1. I physically checked before I posted, but maybe it came in a software update recently? Who knows anymore,
  2. I think the easiest workaround I found would be using the radio/entertainment page of the digital DIC, and then using the right side steering wheel, scroll wheel. That will seek on radio and go next channel up or down on sirius. Not the exact replacement, but somewhat similar.
  3. If the mirror powers up, then the 10 pin connector is good. All it provides is power and ground. I'd check that both ends of the blue camera cable are seated entirely, and if they are, start by trying another cable. Otherwise there is a bigger issue.
  4. 2022 and up trucks are basically the same as 2019-21, but the interior/exterior was "refreshed" among other small things. So when talking about 2022 and up trucks, its become easier to say refresh, so we know which version of the truck we are talking about. A lot of stuff that worked on 19-21, doesn't work on 22-23 trucks.
  5. I saw that, just wondering if anyone took the time to wire tap and install the camera mirror.
  6. Thanks, I thought the same thing when the pulled it around at the dealer. Had to have it.
  7. Has anyone successfully added the rear view mirror camera to the refreshed 22+ trucks? Seems like most of the leg work was done above, but only for the auto dimming mirror.
  8. Has anyone added the rear view mirror camera to the refreshed 22+ trucks? I know the harness is no longer taped above the headliner, but will the mirror plug in and power on with my factory mirror plug?
  9. Fellow redditor! Let's see who gets an illuminated black bowtie first.
  10. 2023 Sierra Elevation. Traded a 2017 Silverado LT last friday.
  11. 2023 Sierra Elevation, Dynamic Blue. Not the best pic, but the only one I have currently. Had to order running boards off ebay, most all OEM are on national backorder. Looking for mods to do, mostly once the new trucks get figured out soon. I'd like to add tow mirrors, and the rear view mirror camera.
  12. Purchased a 2023 Sierra Elevation Friday, stickered at $58k, got it for $50k +ttl. Northeast Ohio
  13. https://subthump.com/Chevrolet-GMC-Custom-Subwoofer-Boxes/Silverado-And-Sierra-Crew-Cab-Custom-Subwoofer-Enclosures-by-Subthump/20142018-Crew-Cab/2014-Up-GM-Crew-Cab-Dual-Downfire-Box-New-1.html?osCsid=bo4ppupdqe9isnaiq70fb7oo31
  14. Not that easy. The plug at dash switch may be there, but a lot of other wiring is not.
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