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  1. Honestly man I love it! Ya the duramax was sweet especially with 100%s, 10mm cp3 and the s369sxe. It literally took 20k though to get 700hp lol. 5k in a 6.2 and you will be running just as fast as a 700hp cc dmax. I live up north and was just sick of gelling issues, additive etc. I own my own construction business installing tile showers etc and wood floors. I have a 7x16 cargo and a 7x14 dump trailer. I had the dump trailer loaded at 8500lbs and my 6.2 towed it great. Plenty of power and braked just fine especially with trailer brakes. Only thing im going to do is throw some sumo springs on rear and possibly coil overs up front. When loaded heavy it can really want to bounce, front end included. I jacked my stock duratracs up to 50 psi and that helped with sway a ton. I knew the only sway I was getting was from my tires. They are 18”s with duratracs which I’ve read have really soft sidewalls even on the 10 plys. This summer I’m buying wheels and ridge grapplers so I’m sure that will make it even better. So so far though the 6.2 amazes me, apparently guys are running high 13s all stock crew cabs with 6.2. Once you get her wound up she pulls hard, my plan is long tubes and a e85 sensor and tune. Those 2 mods alone guys are gaining 80-90hp to the wheels. Be a good 420ish whp after tune and headers. At 5500lbs also vs the 7500 of a duramax. I’ll bet tune and headers could keep up with a built trans max effort dmax all day.
  2. Or you could just put a stock intake on? It flows fine
  3. What tune are you running? Did you pull any tq management out? Any notice power difference?
  4. From what ive been told the 17/18s once its tuned your warranty is done. Something about onstar diagnositics or w/e. I've been running the range on my 18 for a bit. Just hit 3k miles and ordering long tubes soon and scheduling a dyno tune appointment. Only reason ill need warranty is for the bs afm crap.. If it takes a shit then good reason to throw a cam in it. I look at it this way, why pay $49k for a truck and be worried about it, enjoy it and if shit happens and a lifter hits the bed then fix it.
  5. Yeah i mentioned all of that to them and they said this new version has NO battery draw. My leds do not illuminate till i start the truck.
  6. Yes but the speed engineering x pipe duals is not same length. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the x pipe? It still follows the same route as the y pipe meaning drivers side pipes are longer than passenger when it hits the x pipe. My 6.2 is all 3.5” from the factory. So the long tubes would be my biggest gain.
  7. Ok so im looking at speed engineerings x pipe kit. Does this really make more power than a y pipe? The x pipe still has a longer drivers side pipe before reaching the x pipe. So passenger side pipe is shorter and drivers side is longer. How does this give equal scavenging and make more power than just a y pipe into 3.5' cat back?
  8. Dam i guess i gotta fork out some more money lol. I already have CAI and catch can. Need to order some headers now and find a x pipe setup. Then get it all dyno tuned on e85.
  9. Hmm ill watch that now and do some more digging. I've seen guys with 6.2s gain 80hp with just long tubes, y pipe, e85 and cai. I was going to go that route but if i can gain more doing x pipe might as well. The dynos ive seen with those mods are right around 420/450 to the wheels. Id love to be around 450 without doing a cam or boost.
  10. How much more? Is it worth just buying the headers and having a shop fab up a x pipe setup? Is there any companies that make a bolt on x pipe kit from long tubes back?
  11. Ive been using a range afm on my 2018 6.2 now with no issues. I called range directly and they had came out with a new firmware not to long ago that works great with 17 and 18s. They also told me the new firmware has no battery draw.
  12. How does the 6112 compare to say a fox or icon coilover?

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