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  1. Gas Pedal Flex Solution

    Well, you hadn't sent him the link to those shims yet, silly. Although they do say they "Split 4x as easily as wood shims" so maybe some folks want something with a perfect fit that they have 100% confidence in.
  2. Black paint swirls

    Ha ha!!!! I love the extreme clothes changing regimen ( ) but please don't use dish towels when washing......I can hear the screeching of particulate and rough cotton on your paint from here. A good wash mitt (2 preferably) or SOFT microfiber towels don't drag the crap along the paint quite as firmly.
  3. All 4 do go down on my '17........not sure when that started. Maybe it's configurable, but I've never looked.
  4. Fellow member THOMCAT listed this one in the original thread and I use it constantly now. I don't drive aggressively, and like to coast a lot, drive "ahead" and try to avoid braking when possible, etc. so I'm overly conscious of any shift vibrations/hesitations/rough shifts/etc. This tip REALLY helps me feel better about my tranny and how long it feels like it will last. Although I have yet to research the difference between 1st and 2nd stage braking (is it speed related?) ........ and I'd LOVE to figure out how to make this a switchable feature so I didn't have to do it each time I start up. "Holding in the trailer button on the end of the stalk turns off the first stage grade braking for the full key start cycle , shifts smoother and coasts longer. Second stage grade braking in Z71s is unaffected."
  5. And if you tap it while they're going down, they stop in place.
  6. Black paint swirls

    If you're moderately OCD and want to avoid MOST swirls on black clearcoat (you'll never totally avoid them, and GM's is middle of the road durable) you'll need to check out a guy on YouTube, AmmoNY, who's got some GREAT presentations on how to properly keep a car REALLY clean and as scratch-free as you choose to be. He's a pro, so goes the extra mile, but you can pick and choose some of his pointers to get you 90% of the way there.
  7. Instead, how about "TMHTMOCISATTSTCFIAGI" ....... (the manual has too much obvious crap in it so a thread that summarizes the cool features is a great idea)
  8. Agreed!! With all the crap that ends up in the glovebox, I prefer to keep the manuals/etc intact and readily available. I even asked my dealer and they said they wish they had some with all the requests they get......do you like the one you found on Amazon?
  9. So maybe I'm too used to Japanese and German cars, but every time I drive my truck, I'm keenly aware of most shift points, and also notice what I refer to as "cycling vibrations" that lasts ~1 sec, every 3 sec or so......... which might be the torque converter (?) when cruising at around 45 mph, and also when just coasting down to a stop. I tend to drive super conservatively since I keep my vehicles for 14 years on average and want it to last, but this tranny makes me think there's no way it will last that long......but then again, maybe I have too high of expectations and am just being too picky. Oh, and that's AFTER a custom tune.
  10. I'm betting he just filled up at a station on a hill, reset Trip B, and then rolled downhill to the house. ;)
  11. Gas Pedal Flex Solution

    Here's where I put my stack of washers wrapped in duct tape.....back behind the red "X" which is the lower right corner of that whole plastic assembly:
  12. Wiper Blade Chatter?

    Whenever I get wiper chatter, if I take the time to do a thorough clean (Stoner, etc), then carefully use a new razor blade to scrape it down, then clay-bar it, THEN rain-X it, it doesn't chatter for months. Each time I clean the windshield, I be sure and clean off the blades really good as well.
  13. I got some of the Xpel and it's a bit tricky to get it pre-cut just right to fit from weather stripping and "waterfall" down over both levels of the sill.....so I'll be removing it (hope that's not too hard!) and trying it again.
  14. Needs to know for Afm Delete

    But it has to reduce the chances significantly, right? I'm not engine mechanic but the folks who ARE and chime in on this topic sure seem confident it reduces the chances.......
  15. I think he's seeing stains on his chrome PAINT, that's on the plastic parts, correct? I'm not sure using a chrome polish on that chrome-looking paint would do what he wants.....although I'm not sure what will get those "stains" out, really. I'm interested to see if anything works! ;)

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