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  1. I specifically asked Eibach about their spring rate when I bought my shocks from them. Their statement was that their springs were designed for trucks with winches and other accessories. If you dont have a heavier front end than stock then their springs arent going to help as they are stiffer than the stock spring rate.
  2. There isn’t much to it. Just buy the unit and a trailer adapter for our trucks. It’s plug n play beyond that.
  3. Installed Redarc Tow Pro Elite proportional brake controller.
  4. LED strip lighting

    Thanks, I was definitely looking for a brighter option in the bed than the OEM lighting kit, as I heard it was sub-par. Thanks for the link. Ideally I would like something without a switch because I am just going to splice into my AMP steps anyway. I will give these a look.
  5. I cant get over how much abuse the stock drivetrain is taking on this truck. Have you had any issues at all yet!?
  6. LED strip lighting

    Can a Mod move this for me? Should be in the mods forum.
  7. Need some help here folks. I am looking for quality waterproof LED strip lights for both my bed and my running boards. There are a MILLION Chinese led lights out there, but many of them seem to have limited life, arent actually waterproof etc. Does anyone have a brand that they have used that has worked well? I will tentatively say the budget is ~$75 for the lighting (should need ~24 ft of it.)
  8. Fully restored 1940 Allis Chalmers Model B
  9. Eibach Springs and Shocks

    I paid $408 shipped. So no, not $100 more. Regardless, a "budget" set of shocks no matter how you slice it.
  10. Eibach Springs and Shocks

    And one more picture of the truck for good measure:
  11. Eibach Springs and Shocks

    Per request:
  12. Eibach Springs and Shocks

    I just did the shocks. I called Eibach and they stated the spring in their kit is actually 10% stiffer than the stock spring. This is to accomodate for winches, brush guards and other heavy accessories, so it wasnt what I was looking for.

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