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  1. Fully restored 1940 Allis Chalmers Model B
  2. I paid $408 shipped. So no, not $100 more. Regardless, a "budget" set of shocks no matter how you slice it.
  3. And one more picture of the truck for good measure:
  4. I just did the shocks. I called Eibach and they stated the spring in their kit is actually 10% stiffer than the stock spring. This is to accomodate for winches, brush guards and other heavy accessories, so it wasnt what I was looking for.
  5. Word has it Fluid Film dissolves the wax coating GM uses on our frames and takes a bad situation and makes it worse.
  6. Ok, I have had a few request to finish my review, so here are my thoughts on the Eibachs: Initial day 1 impressions (from a post in the Bilstein thread): Installed the Eibachs today. Full review to come, but during the test drive they are a significant improvement over the ranchos. Honestly on my truck I never felt like the Ranchos were lacking in the handling department, but they totally sucked when it came to absorbing a bump... frost heaves, speed bumps, etc... it was horrendous. The thing was like a bucking bronco. One frost heave near my house in particular I couldn't take at over 5 mph. During the test drive I hit the same heave at 5, 10, and 20mph and it was hardly even noticeable. So, a definite improvement in that regard. The ride is slightly stiffer (and I mean slightly) but not bad at all. For what its worth, I installed the Eibachs on the 3rd setting and I have ~1" of rake. The 3rd setting did actually give me a little more lift than I wanted, but I will see if the suspension settles at all. I actually think the Eibachs give a little more lift than the Bilsteins. I saw ~1.75" of lift in the front end on the 3rd setting. So I would expect just over 2" for the highest setting. All in all, they seem like a nice set. I will give it some time, get an alignment, and report back. Note: in the picture below the truck is on a slight incline which makes it look like its a little nose high (just look at the wheel gaps). Longer term review: A few weeks later and after an alignment, I can say that I am still satisfied with my purchase. Though I absolutely hated the Ranchos. I think they are the worst shock Ive felt on a vehicle made in the last 30 years. Are they better than the Bilsteins? I dont know, I have no basis for comparison unfortunately. They are stiffer than stock for sure, but the rebound dampening is MUCH better than the Ranchos. Overall I think they are a solid upgrade. At some point I may drop them to setting #2 to see if it softens things a bit. The ride is firm, but it isn't harsh. They perform best down washboard roads or big bumps. Its the smaller defects in roads that you tend to feel more. From the descriptions of the Bilsteins that I have read, they sound to be very similar if not identical in ride. I think the folks that complain about the ride harshness most likely didnt have a z71 truck to start with. So going from the softer ride of the Monroe shocks to the stiffer ride of the Bilsteins or Eibachs leaves a bad taste in their mouths. Overall I am happy with the Eibachs. Id give a them a 7/10. If you are looking for a budget improvement over stock, these sure seem like a great option.
  7. WTB: K2 Chrome Mirror Cap

    Looking for an OEM K2 drivers side chrome mirror cap. Must be in mint condition. Shipped to Maine. thanks!
  8. If you are looking for real power gains, shorties are not your answer. You need to go with long tubes.
  9. I searched high and low for exactly what you are looking for and came up empty handed. I wanted something that I could just roll up and throw under the back seat if I needed to use the full bed. I came to the conclusion that I'm going to make my own this summer.
  10. Does anyone have any good leads on AMP plug n play running boards. Id love a set of these, but at $1500, there is no way in hell I'm going to bite that bullet. Any vendors that have these for a good price? Do they ever go on sale? I see at some point AMP was doing a rebate on them, but that doesn't appear to be the case right now.
  11. In all the excitement of installing my new shocks, I forgot to measure my headlights prior to leveling my truck and now have no clue where to aim as a starting point. Does anyone have measurement I can use to re-align these things? For reference, the truck is a 2018 Silverado 1500 LT Z71
  12. Win A Pair Of Sylvania Cube-X LED Lights!

    Yes, I have modded motorcycles, cars, trucks.... you name it. My top priority is always quality (which tends to be predicated by solid reviews). Good quality products tend to yield good reviews. This depends on the product, but ultimately I am always willing to spend a little more for a product that functions flawlessly. Also, for better or worse, I am a review hunter. If I see a slew of negative reviews about a certain aspect of a product, I will evaluate the individual validity of each review and proceed accordingly... typically I'm moving on to something else. NO! Form follows function. Nothing is worth doing if you aren't going to do it right the first time...

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