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  1. There isn’t much to it. Just buy the unit and a trailer adapter for our trucks. It’s plug n play beyond that.
  2. Installed Redarc Tow Pro Elite proportional brake controller.
  3. LED strip lighting

    Thanks, I was definitely looking for a brighter option in the bed than the OEM lighting kit, as I heard it was sub-par. Thanks for the link. Ideally I would like something without a switch because I am just going to splice into my AMP steps anyway. I will give these a look.
  4. I cant get over how much abuse the stock drivetrain is taking on this truck. Have you had any issues at all yet!?
  5. LED strip lighting

    Can a Mod move this for me? Should be in the mods forum.
  6. Need some help here folks. I am looking for quality waterproof LED strip lights for both my bed and my running boards. There are a MILLION Chinese led lights out there, but many of them seem to have limited life, arent actually waterproof etc. Does anyone have a brand that they have used that has worked well? I will tentatively say the budget is ~$75 for the lighting (should need ~24 ft of it.)
  7. Eibach Springs and Shocks

  8. Fully restored 1940 Allis Chalmers Model B
  9. Eibach Springs and Shocks

    I paid $408 shipped. So no, not $100 more. Regardless, a "budget" set of shocks no matter how you slice it.
  10. Eibach Springs and Shocks

    And one more picture of the truck for good measure:
  11. Eibach Springs and Shocks

    Per request:
  12. Eibach Springs and Shocks

    I just did the shocks. I called Eibach and they stated the spring in their kit is actually 10% stiffer than the stock spring. This is to accomodate for winches, brush guards and other heavy accessories, so it wasnt what I was looking for.
  13. Best Undercoating?

    Word has it Fluid Film dissolves the wax coating GM uses on our frames and takes a bad situation and makes it worse.

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