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  1. I would never use a Fram oil filter, just this last summer on my brothers 2015' D-Max the fram oil failed because it rusted through.
  2. The EPA has been catching the cheater lately , so I'm guessing GM is playing it safe now.
  3. Hopefully we will kick Trump out of the office before that would happen....
  4. The true goal of these tariffs is to tax us, to make-up for all the tax breaks Trump give to the rich.
  5. Frame rust

    What frame is that on ? I wouldn't be driving that one down the street.
  6. Frame rust

    Yea I did the same with my 2012' Tahoe, I used a wire brush and then I used a couple cans of Rust-Oleum spray paint, turned out really nice.
  7. I found out today, it was a oil filter leak, he was using cheap Fram oil filters that end up having a rust hole in it.
  8. I just had to pick-up my brother off a highway this last weekend, he has a 2015 Duramax and it blow all the oil out of the engine, It looks like a oil coolant line was rubbing on the frame which caused the leak this line is on the drivers side at the steering wheel column , the tow truck driver said he has seen this before. I looked into this a little and it looks there's a good chance it could be leaking from the oil cooler assembly. Has anyone heard of this before ?
  9. Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down On This Buick Wagon?

    It's your money, if it put a smile on your face.
  10. It's nice see that the Blazer will be back for 2019'
  11. 4cyl Silverado?

    Maybe they will have the sound of a 6.2 play on the speakers when you stomp on it.
  12. I'm sure GM's engineers has done their homework on this, time will tell...
  13. And they get the same MPG as a full size pick-up and ride like shit, I should know I own one.

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