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  1. Clicking the link, these are the stock bulbs in our Silverados that are very dim at only 2000 lumens. You will be very disapointed in these lights. And for $85 each I wouldn't even consider them.
  2. You're welcome dude. Mine shine like that too on the road signs. Following other cars though you have to be pretty close to get the cutoff point of the lights to start moving up the bumper of a car in front of you. So I'm thinking with the almost no glare from them and the shutter inside covering the light the way they do inside the projector, on coming cars really don't get the lights as hard as you would think. I'm not sure about yours but on mine the left head light does not go into the left lane very far like the right one goes onto the shoulder. I've seen other forums about this issue too and there is nothing that can be done to fix it unless you change the projectors. The popular projector to fix it seems to be the Morimoto FX-R 3.0. It is a little bit of a nuisance but not one that I'm gonna worry to much about.
  3. I'm glad they worked out for you. I love mine. I installed a set before the video was made in my 2016 Silverado and couldn't believe the difference either. When I got my 18 I had to put these in it also. Working as a diesel mechanic for a truck dealership, I have access to all kinds of terminals and connectors for various electrical sensors and stuff on the trucks, so instead of making any mods to any terminals on the truck I just made jumper harnesses. Like I said before the only time these lights are a bit of a draw back is in the heavy fog or heavy snow fall. Get a lot of light bounce back. I'll accept that as a drawback any day for the light I get on dry or wet roads now though. My boss has the LED HID lights in his Silverado and they are much brighter yet. His easily over power mine. Neither of us get flashed and his truck is lifted 6 inches. He gets flash if he turns his driving lights on with them though. Gotta be because of the aim of the driving lights is still straight out and wide at an almost eye level height now from the oncoming cars point of view. From in his cab his headlights are so bright on the road you don't see his driving lights come on so he doesn't use them. We looked up how much his head lights cost as LED HID assemblies because that appears to be the only way you can get them. The left side was almost $1000 and the right side $900. I'll be sticking with these HIDs for $160 LOL.
  4. Yeah there was very few options for where to put them. Even with the extensions they gave you for the ballasts. I didn't want to cut any wiring if I really didn't have too. The white wires on mine are jumpers when I was troubleshooting the right light not coming on. I was eliminating loose or poor connections down at the lights. I wired it so both relays would turn on regardless of what side provided the trigger power. They are still there but I snipped them now that everything is working right. They're future test leads now.
  5. My install looks very similar to yours. I put my relays on the inside near the air cleaner box. That way my positive lead was long enough. I'm still very happy with mine.
  6. I got my Xtuner today for my 2018 Silverado Z71 and at first I was a bit disappointed in it. Then I watched WaterFowler's video and learned how to play with it. I started out with the Stock with options and shut off the AFM. That was reason number 1 for getting it, but I was hoping for a small boost from it too. I took it for a ride and it worked but for some reason the truck felt different. Almost kind of sluggish. And it seemed like the shift points stretched out some. It also looked like in the book if you wanted power increases you had to change fuel octanes to get any boost. Watching the video and from some of the posts was where I seen you could tweak an already canned program. I went with the 87 Octane program and found where the throttle boost was. I boosted 10% to start. WOW. To much LOL. Making a right turn was pretty hard to do without the back wheel wanting to chirp. I back down to 8% and I'm happy there. Even that sets you back from a stop while hardly getting into the throttle. I LOVE it. My only issue is almost all the programming available says they are not designed for towing? I do tow a boat and tow a trailer with yard equipment or building materials on it every so often. Do they mean that I can't use "Tow Mode" anymore or are they really saying I have to remove the tune to pull anything behind me at all? I don't use Tow Mode anyway so that's no biggie, but to not be able to use the extra power for towing at all kinda defeats some of the purpose of the tuners benefits.
  7. Yeah I hear ya. Price and product wise I realy like DistantXtremes.com (DXLUX). The people there are also great to deal with. But their shipping sucks. Their shipping makes The Pony Express look fast. My orders have all been Priority Mail shipped and not yet have been shipped in less than a week to 10 days from ordered to delivered. Hang up is always down there. Sits there for days before finally getting out and moving. Last time traveling back and forth on the same stretch of road twice before slingshotting out of the state and getting here.
  8. LOL If the air box wasn't in the way on the right side I wonder if we couldn't install spot lights behind the the shutter, or, on a servo that could be operated from the high beam switch to raise and lower the pitch for high and low beam
  9. I agree. Not the best of setups. And you're right if you go up to much people get unhappy quick. Even the ones that don't know how to turn their high beams down finally find their switch. I wonder though if there was a side to side adjust if you couldn't get just a little better overlap in the center to make the reach out in high beam just a bit better. Regardless we can't LOL.
  10. I really think it's that there seems to be no true focused beam like the older ones. These are basically lamp with a shade over it and when you hit the high beam you pull the shade off for more light all around but not much focused in a beam line out. I think that's why I can adjust up and down with these but I don't see anything for side to side. Gotta be some kind of happy medium somewhere.
  11. I agree. Driving alot at night makes it a necessity though especially when the deer, skunks, and other critters are running like crazy. I want to see them way before I come up on them.
  12. My favorite was my 89 Silverado. It had the glass GM mini sealed beam bulbs in it. I put high beam lights in the low beam buckets and aimed them down some. Then installed a relay to bring the low beam back on with the high beam. Was daylight in front of that truck in high beam. And they reached out just as bright. I put a relay in my 92 Sierra to bring all 4 on in high but left the bulbs alone. As long as the lenses were clean they were still brighter and reached out better than both my 2016 and this 2018 Silverados.
  13. That's a bummer. It seems like the high beams realy lack on these hid systems. Before I got the brighter bulbs I even installed a diode in the light wiring at the controller to bring the driving lights back on with the high beam. That help fill that space back up right in front again with the high beams on. I kinda miss my old halogens in my 89 and 92 Silverados compared to these new lights.
  14. I'm not sure about the 35 watters. I love the 50 watt 5500k. Those are super bright. The 6500k 50 watts are brighter than stock but not by as much as I would really like. And definetly not as bright as the 5500k. I'm putting the 5500k in again. I'm just waiting for them to get here with the new ballast. I'll deal with the bounce back from the fog and falling snow. I live near lake michigan so sometimes we'll see quite a bit of lake fog and lake effect snow. I've thought about the 35 watt 5500k but was leaning more toward the motimoto bulbs because of their ease of install. Thats why I originally came to this forum was to see if they where as good as the hype from the sites that sell them. None of those sites have actual reviews that I could find. The pics that I've seen here of them, I like what I saw. If I have any more issues with ballasts outside of warranty I'm considering the 35 watt morimotos.
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