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  1. winter driving

    You probably didn't need the ballast in the G8 with the snow tires. I know because I had one, with non-studded snow tires (Michelin X-Ice Xi2). But, I bought end of Jan and didn't do anything special; just put the truck in Auto when it was snowing out.
  2. Be aware that headers are made to fit the vehicle, not just the motor. Just because the same motor is in two different generations of vehicle, does not mean that headers will fit between the cars. I had headers on my 2008 Pontiac G8 GT. Those headers would not work on my 2016 Chevrolet SS, despite both cars being LS V8s with the same overall exhaust port design on their heads, and both vehicles being a Holden Commodore manufactured in Australia. The G8 is a VE Commodore, the SS was a VF II Commodore. Now, shorties? May fit between generations, but IMO shorties are a waste; if you're going to get headers, get long tubes.
  3. 20” rims instead of 18’s

    Yeah, rotating mass. Wish the Denali didn't have 22" wheels as standard. I wish I had 20" wheels so it rode better and got marginally better mileage. Though I guess I can't complain, I just averaged 20.5MPG on this tank (according to DIC) which is about equal to what I averaged in my Chevy SS 6M when driving down to my parents.
  4. CarPlay won’t work

    Car Play is spotty for me sometimes too. Usually a reboot of the phone and unplug/replug of the cord works. I always use the USB ports in the center console to connect my phone. Just updated Waze, haven't tried that yet since iOS12, but Google Maps is niiiiice on the screen. Sat view is the best. EDIT: I have a 7 Plus. Hope to get an XS Max on a different carrier this weekend. F*CK AT&T!
  5. 2wd vs Auto

    It's pretty on the fly. Computers are smart enough to engage the front wheels only when needed and when it's "safe" for the truck to do so.
  6. Oh come off it. Sounds like a dealer issue and not a manufacturer issue. 5100 miles now on my 6.2 Denali CCSB, no issues at all speeds excepting from the occasional harsh. 1-2 or 2-1 shift
  7. Go drive the new Tahoe/Suburban. It has that drivetrain.
  8. Floor liners or you could get an exhaust...
  9. New Member in CT

    Hey, welcome. I live in the Hartford area as well.
  10. Man 18"s look good on these trucks. 22" OEM wheels are just plain dumb, and incredibly silly.... (And yes, I currently am stuck with OEM 22" wheels..)
  11. I hate the chrome bumpers on these trucks, ugliest things ever. Denali is not bad as the only chrome is in the grill, where it should be.
  12. That trick tailgate on the Sierra must have quite a bit of extra weight in it.
  13. 2019s finally getting HUD!!

    I had HUD on my '99 Grand Prix GTP and missed it dearly on my 2008 G8 GT and my 2011 CTS-V wagon. Had it on my 2016 Chevy SS and it was very nice to have. You don't know how much you like it until you don't have it. Completely negates the need to look down at tour gauges. I was surprised that my '18 Sierra didn't have it. And that button to me looks like it controls the side steps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Box checker models - loaded out truck with the options boxes checked. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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