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  1. Apparently fast charging is not a thing in this day and age.
  2. With a quick glance at that YouTube channel I posted earlier, their temps have consistently been well below 0* for quite a while.
  3. Norway says "hi". Honestly, if you have grave concerns about electric vehicles and the cold, you haven't been looking around lately. Norway's car sales as of January 2021 are 50% electric. They seem to be doing just fine over there in the cold and bad weather with their electric vehicles. Co worker has a Tesla, while his range is reduced in cold weather, realistically, it's only 10-20 miles off the top of his range in the cold months. It's nothing as drastic as you say at "50%!!!!" Fearmongering about electric is ignorant. EDIT: I suggest you check out some Bjorn Nyland videos on YouTube, he lives in Norway, and posts lots of videos about electric cars and the weather they have there. This one for instance seems to address some of your fears :
  4. Makes me think of this: And yeah, happy to see everyone got out OK.
  5. If you guys aren't happy in your trucks for whatever reason, there's no sense in trying to keep it. Either try to sell it on or if you can lemon law it for issues then start that process.
  6. If that's the only thing you took from my post, you completely missed my point. My point was that these are trucks that are built for utility. Yes, some have power, but they're still 5000LBS vehicles; they'll never be "quick" or "fast" by any standards today when you're speaking about a stock vehicle. It's a race to the bottom when you start talking about how improved vehicles are now compared to before. It's like the people who say "My Civic can beat the ****** out of your Corvette if I spend $10k on it!". Yes, OK. Spend that same amount on a Corvette, net, no one is ahead in a game like that.
  7. Lots of keyboard commandos out here posting. Quite interesting to read. I agree with The Wanderers' last post. OP was quite easy to understand in what he wanted to know; just a simple question asking for peoples opinions on what they feel is the better motor and if they felt the money was worth it for that motor. Me? I have the 6.2L motor. I honestly didn't care whether I had the 5.3 or 6.2; all I was after was a crew cab at an acceptable price. My first truck, I never was confused at the fact that it would feel slow compared to my previous few cars (G8, CTS-V Wagon, Chev SS 6M). Honestly all the dick swinging about the power of the trucks is comical when you're talking about how fast a truck is. These aren't Syclones, Typhoons, Lightnings, SRT-10s, etc..
  8. FWIW, my truck gets better fuel mileage than my '16 Chevy SS 6M and '11 CTS-V Wagon did.
  9. Late reply, but I got the one that GM offers through their dealers and had a dealer install.
  10. When I put a tank of 87 in my 2018, I could tell right off the bat the truck wasn't running right. It really needs 91 or 93 to run right.
  11. They're offering 0% 84 months on pretty much all GM vehicles. That'd be the only reason I could see why.
  12. I noticed this back when I got the truck. I don't think GM has it updated with current Daylight savings time changes, probably still going off the old calendar.
  13. In GM cars it's always in the center console. Not sure if '19 and up offers bench seating and moves this?
  14. If you get drone, just look up "helmholtz resonator". Calculate the length that it needs to be to target the RPM range in which you get drone then have it put on your exhaust somewhere there's room. And presto, no drone!
  15. I do the same. Good I was just making sure as that's the best way to make sure everything lives longer and to get better mileage. And I know on the generation that my '18 is from there's different governor limits for different drivetrain combos. Probably same here. Either way, it can be resolved with a tune. Probably the same with your shifting complaints. As for the smaller tank complaint from @BlackRST, different generations of vehicle. Probably isn't as much room for a bigger tank on these newer trucks. But they also get MPG than the older trucks as well due to AFM and 8 or 10 speed autos.
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