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  1. Late reply, but I got the one that GM offers through their dealers and had a dealer install.
  2. When I put a tank of 87 in my 2018, I could tell right off the bat the truck wasn't running right. It really needs 91 or 93 to run right.
  3. They're offering 0% 84 months on pretty much all GM vehicles. That'd be the only reason I could see why.
  4. I noticed this back when I got the truck. I don't think GM has it updated with current Daylight savings time changes, probably still going off the old calendar.
  5. In GM cars it's always in the center console. Not sure if '19 and up offers bench seating and moves this?
  6. If you get drone, just look up "helmholtz resonator". Calculate the length that it needs to be to target the RPM range in which you get drone then have it put on your exhaust somewhere there's room. And presto, no drone!
  7. I do the same. Good I was just making sure as that's the best way to make sure everything lives longer and to get better mileage. And I know on the generation that my '18 is from there's different governor limits for different drivetrain combos. Probably same here. Either way, it can be resolved with a tune. Probably the same with your shifting complaints. As for the smaller tank complaint from @BlackRST, different generations of vehicle. Probably isn't as much room for a bigger tank on these newer trucks. But they also get MPG than the older trucks as well due to AFM and 8 or 10 speed autos.
  8. 1. When I remote start my '18, I can tell the seats have been on as they're super warm. Of course they're not on after I put the key in and turn the truck on, but they've been running, I can tell. I'd be surprised if they changed that behavior for '20. 2. Heated steering wheel, I guess you have me there. But it only takes 10 seconds to warm up, so net zero issue for me. 3. You got me there, same issue here. Not really a big issue, but something I've gotten used to turning on when I start the truck and it's dark out. 4. Got me there too. I can see how it would make you anxious, but if it hasn't come back you should be alright. By the by you drive around in 2WD mode and not Auto 4WD, right? 5. That's GM truck life for you. It's an average sized tank for a truck this size. FWIW, I get better gas mileage in my '18 Denali with 6.2L than I got in my Chevy SS 6M, and CTS-V Wagon. And the Chevy had a "big" gas tank at just under 18 gallons. CTS-V had a tiny gas tank in comparison. So I went from filling up more than once per week to once per ~2 weeks. 6. Yeah that's sucky. But why are you needing to go over 100MPH in a truck? 7. Yeah that sucks too, but for what it's worth with the GM sprayed in liner stuff still slides around in my bed as well. I have bungie cords that I use on the hooks at the rear of the bed by the hooks to keep things in place when I need them to be. 8. I have no answer to this, but is there a mode that it is switching between when you're scrolling stations? Is this behavior mentioned at all in the manual? Something you can bring up to the service dept. if it's not normal and found in the manual. 9. Well, again it's a truck, I wouldn't expect this behavior in a truck unless it were a Raptor. 10. Yep, auto-stop can suck. But you're living in 2020, and the manufacturers need to try to eke out as much MPG as they can in their vehicles now. Count yourself lucky you can still get a 6.2L V8 in a truck in 2020.
  9. The stock goodyears are shit. Get new tires and your traction issues will be solved.
  10. Plugging in one cable is hardly fooling with the phone. When you do that, then the process is the same. Tap on the Pandora/Spotify icon that your phone will be mirroring to your truck's head unit.
  11. This right here. I leave the radio alone, always plug in my phone and use Apple Car Play. That's what you really should be doing..
  12. Yeah, he did. Look through his responses again.
  13. Certain unions are needed. I don't believe UAW is one of them. One of the reasons why GM failed, was all the concessions they had to give to the UAW. They finally got back to a good footing when they were able to reduce their labor costs by emerging as a different company. But to be like "Nothings the way it was before!!" Yeah, it's not. Because in order to let you keep your job, the company has to exist in the first place. If GM has to keep paying more and more to UAW workers every year, they'll keep trying to move more and more manufacturing out of the US. Especially with all the steel tariffs and whatnot coming down.
  14. Yeah, I ran a tank of 87 through my '18. Truck did not like it at all. Could tell KR was coming in hard when driving, even at light to medium throttle. Truck just was NOT liking it soup to nuts. Babied it until the tank was out and put 93 back in. In the grand scheme of things, you're really not saving much money, and you'll be out that on the other end with potential for issues anyway running lower than recommended octane.
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