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  1. Yeah, he did. Look through his responses again.
  2. Certain unions are needed. I don't believe UAW is one of them. One of the reasons why GM failed, was all the concessions they had to give to the UAW. They finally got back to a good footing when they were able to reduce their labor costs by emerging as a different company. But to be like "Nothings the way it was before!!" Yeah, it's not. Because in order to let you keep your job, the company has to exist in the first place. If GM has to keep paying more and more to UAW workers every year, they'll keep trying to move more and more manufacturing out of the US. Especially with all the steel tariffs and whatnot coming down.
  3. Yeah, I ran a tank of 87 through my '18. Truck did not like it at all. Could tell KR was coming in hard when driving, even at light to medium throttle. Truck just was NOT liking it soup to nuts. Babied it until the tank was out and put 93 back in. In the grand scheme of things, you're really not saving much money, and you'll be out that on the other end with potential for issues anyway running lower than recommended octane.
  4. Use factory gaskets. They're 3ply? 4ply? metal and are high quality.
  5. So you go through the trouble of posting pics but not a video? SHAME! How about letting us all hear a bit of it?
  6. Let us know how this ends up. Do you have ability to tune for the new rear gear?
  7. Good old Chris White, the GM electronics whisperer.
  8. On my past 3 vehicles, I had a dedicated set of snow tires. G8, CTS-V Wagon and SS Sedan, all were tanks in the snow with their snow tires. As mentioned before, snow tires are better in all cold conditions than any all season tire can ever hope to be. That said, I won't be getting anything for the truck to replace it's stock Bridgestones that are on there already. I'll just drive slower and more careful in the times that we get bad weather.
  9. So you drove what is the equivalent to a Denali around town. Which probably has magride. And a 6.2L. And a 10 speed. Then you bought an SLT and are surprised that it drives really different? Am I confused here or?? My '18, the screen is perfect, I can't see that they regressed on this. I use CarPlay all the time however, so maybe that's masking things for me. In this age though, if it's available, you should, for sure, be using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay all the time. There's no real reason not to.
  10. You probably didn't need the ballast in the G8 with the snow tires. I know because I had one, with non-studded snow tires (Michelin X-Ice Xi2). But, I bought end of Jan and didn't do anything special; just put the truck in Auto when it was snowing out.
  11. Be aware that headers are made to fit the vehicle, not just the motor. Just because the same motor is in two different generations of vehicle, does not mean that headers will fit between the cars. I had headers on my 2008 Pontiac G8 GT. Those headers would not work on my 2016 Chevrolet SS, despite both cars being LS V8s with the same overall exhaust port design on their heads, and both vehicles being a Holden Commodore manufactured in Australia. The G8 is a VE Commodore, the SS was a VF II Commodore. Now, shorties? May fit between generations, but IMO shorties are a waste; if you're going to get headers, get long tubes.
  12. Yeah, rotating mass. Wish the Denali didn't have 22" wheels as standard. I wish I had 20" wheels so it rode better and got marginally better mileage. Though I guess I can't complain, I just averaged 20.5MPG on this tank (according to DIC) which is about equal to what I averaged in my Chevy SS 6M when driving down to my parents.
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