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  1. Carven TR Muffler with side exhaust. Love the sound and its great when you pass an A-hole, it blasts right at them!
  2. yup, I got the 2 inch lower block and the ride sucks. Saving cash for Halo coil overs and Read Lift UCA.
  3. Can someone post a pic of this plastic pin that you remove? I must be overlooking it somewhere.
  4. How would one go about adjusting the truck bed on a 2017 Silverado? I bought this truck new and never noticed, not sure if this just happened or if it had always been like this. The passenger side near the cab is sticking out 1/4 -1/2 inch, enough where I can see it in my side mirror. Hoping this will be easy to correct.........
  5. Thats what I got and the ride is so rough. Getting some Fox coil overs very soon and the Ready Lift UC.
  6. Ill be ordering both up very soon. Thanks for the info! By the way, did you do any kind of limiting straps since the bump stops were cut out? I dont offroad so I wouldnt see this as a big issue for me.
  7. Good tip, I saw it in another video too. Do you have any squeaks from the cognito ball joint? A Google search popped up a handful of people that has squeaking. Did you not like the RC Arms or was that part of the rubbing issue you had?
  8. Did you go with the Cognito ones listed above or the more expensive option? How hard was the install and did you have to cut out the bump stops?
  9. I currently have a 2017 LTZ with a 2 inch block under the bottom of the strut. The ride sucks and im rubbing the stock arm at full lock with 275/60/20 tires and unknown offset XD wheels ( ill find what they are in a day or 2 ). I finally decided on the Halo Boss Coil overs as they seem to have less issues than the Fox ones. However I keep reading that its best to get some better UCA's to help with the angles, travel and rubbing. Im already blowing my wad on the coil overs and only want to do this once. What is the best UCA's that I should get that wont break the bank?
  10. Installed the RC light bar with active shutters on a 17 LTZ. You have to mod the bracket and add some spacers and trim the grill a bit but it works.
  11. Did you ever do a how-to on this? Do you have any pics of what you had to trim on the grill? Im assuming all of the vertical slats need to be cut out and who knows what else. Are you able to angle the light at all with this?
  12. Man, RC needs to hurry up on that kit, I need it bad!!!!!!!
  13. Ok got the rubber out but to my dismay its the whole cup holder unit that seems to be loose on the right side that is making the noise. How does that whole thing pop out? Wish it was like the older 2015 models.
  14. Ok so just pull out the rubber part and to get it back in I assume it just kinda gets pushed in under the silver lip?
  15. I have a 2017 LTZ and the center console cup holders make a terrible noise when a cup is in the right side. I think the black rubber/plastic insert is flexing on the bottom and it makes a crumpling sound while driving. The left side seems solid and there is no noise. How can I get the liner removed to see if I can add some padding under there to stop the flex? I dont want to start yanking on trim pieces and break something.
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