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  1. Special Ops LED Grill Lights

    Here is my blue light (Vol FF) install The light has a slot in the back of it that fits a hex head screw. I thru bolted it to the plastic frame. The bottom of the light sits on the two bosses for the grill clips. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. strobe my Factory DRL’s

    I recently installed a Speed Turtle Easy Flash Module 2.0. http://speedturtleengineering.com/shop/easy-flash-module-20 Its an flasher that plugs into the OBDII port. It wwill flash the DRL and a lot more. You can pick what you want to flash and the pattern. Here's a video:
  3. Don't know if you figured it out. Here is the schematic from a 2016:
  4. Emergency beacon wiring found!

    The GM Upfitter UI Bulliten #123b (Roof Beacon (TRW) Switch Wiring Location/Access) contains the circuit diagram in it also and confirms that you need to remove the console to access the wires.

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