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  1. Curious question but how many of here are from Canada and have done this? Trying to find a sensible place to source a console. But they rarely show up on ebay and when they do, the import charges are a killer...
  2. LED Front Light Bars & Pods

    I'm unsure of the true brand of the bar, it's a re-branded one i bought from a local distributor. Output isn't too shabby for a small single row bar. I have no pic's at the moment of the install. But it mounts to the lower plastic lip of the grill with the brackets provided with the bar, Only needed to drill two 1/4" holes and run my wiring. For a wiring i always use morimoto harnesses, They are really nice.
  3. LED Front Light Bars & Pods

    First post! Anyways, have yet to see a '17/'18 with a lightbar behind the grill with shutters. Here's my '18 with a 25" ultra slim tucked in there. Clean setup and no hacking to get it there.

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