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  1. Bringing back an oldish thread while searching, but yes my Morimoto tails do the same. I have had them removed for over a year now because the hyperflashing and momentary shutting off after braking was annoying me. If it were like any other tail light, ideally the park/tail function should stay illuminated with the turn signal/brake light applied. I have thought of disassembling the light to trace the wiring and see if there is a way of rewiring them to change this.... But this shouldn't be an issue on a $500+ set of tail lights. Seems there is little info on these lights and why they are like this. I wouldn't impressed for a highly priced tail light at all.
  2. Another successful swap! Never got many photo's as I was time pressed. This console came from a 2015, so I had to swap the USB hubs out to work with my 2018, and I do not have the wireless charging lid. But I'm not really worried about it. For the USB cables I went with the generic cables from Amazon and trimmed them (works surprisingly well.) Every function works as it should! All in all Phil's harness is top notch, and if you never knew any better you would swear it's OEM. Another thumbs up here, Thanks Phil! Just as a heads up for any Canadians browsing this thread, im from NL, Canada! Any Canadians looking into doing this swap, shipping the harness with Phil is no problem... Tracking down a console in Canada for a reasonable price is the tricky part it seems.
  3. I have no issue at all replacing u-joints myself (im a certified mechanic myself) just seems all the staff at local parts stores here have no idea how to cross reference part #'s. I got the OEM part number on hand and managed to cross it up last night so i'll check around today and let you guys know how it goes!
  4. Hey guys. For the past few weeks i been noticing a chirp/squeel noise from my truck while on a 1600km roadtrip home, Not long after making it back to this turned into a vibration, which immediately i knew was a U-joint. Just not what i expected from a year old truck with only 27,000 km's. Anyways, the dealer here in town are not at all cooperative, and unable to fit my truck in for over a month they claim, I have tried ordering the u joint from the dealer which is a process that seems to be taking forever. I have tried calling around and searching, does anybody know a cross reference for a aftermarket u-joint at the least so I'm able to get my truck back on the road as quickly as i can? My truck by the way is a 2018 Silverado (Canadian) CCSB, 4X4, with the 5.3. Thanks! Mark
  5. Ran the XB's on my truck for about 4 months. I can't say i was impressed by them for the hefty price of them. Even with the built in resistors they hyperflashed 8 out of 10 times. Another thing i don't like about them is they have a brief delay with the park/tail light coming back on after you apply your brake lights. I took them out and went back to the stock tails, still unsure what im going to do with the XB's.
  6. Here is my '18 Rally 2 sitting "18x"9 XD series Grenades wrapped in 275/70/18 BFG All Terrains. Truck is levelled, no scrubbing. Rides like a dream
  7. Just put the Blueskysea Mini 906 front and rear cam in my truck a couple weeks ago, hardwired it also and it has a parking guard function. Too soon to say how well it'll hold up but it has been good so far, very clear recording, good night time recording and not too hard on the wallet. Sad thing was while it was ordered and i was waiting on it to arrived i got rear-ended... Luckily got everything fixed with no hassle regardless.
  8. Sorry never noticed the previous post with you mentioning the length already! I pulled the trigger on a 30" one the other day. I already have a different brand 25" one in the lower part of the grill. Gonna try make up some similar mounts to yours and see how the upper one works out over the next few weeks!
  9. @jaxsilverfox what length bar do you have for the top one? 30 inch?
  10. Damn, i have the morimoto tails in my LT. Even with the resistors built in they still tend to hyperflash quite a bit and it's really annoying lol.
  11. Any word if this BCM reflash will work? Running the Morimoto tails in my truck and still occasionally getting the hyperflash every once in a while. If flashing the BCM to disable the hyperflash is actually possible, I'm totally doing it.
  12. I'm unsure of the true brand of the bar, it's a re-branded one i bought from a local distributor. Output isn't too shabby for a small single row bar. I have no pic's at the moment of the install. But it mounts to the lower plastic lip of the grill with the brackets provided with the bar, Only needed to drill two 1/4" holes and run my wiring. For a wiring i always use morimoto harnesses, They are really nice.
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