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  1. Sorry i missed the part where you replaced that. Id say you have a loose connection on the chassis harness somewhere
  2. The abs modules have solder connections prone to cracking. My buddy likes to pull the module open it up and reflow the solder. I just ignore mine
  3. Yeah thats bound to fix the under lying worn bearing issue
  4. Thats about how mine acted..but in the winter it really took awhile to get pressure so i tore it down..
  5. A good lm7 is 700 now days..and who in the world does a motor swap for a 100 lol. Not me
  6. My 5.3 had similar problems including a knock and no oil pressure. Once oil pressure finally rose to about 20 the motor ran quiet. After a complete tear down i had several mushroomed lifters worn cam and main bearings..nothing spun because i tore it down in time...the magical o ring trick doesnt apply here. It was in great shape lol

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