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  1. They said there were going to send someone out that was a week ago .. there is also a faint rod knock as well valves are higher tone slap i can hear rod knock on #1 or #3 or #5 on cold start
  2. unfortunately the damage is worse then first thought ROD knock I can hear a faint rod knock on Bank 1(AFM side since it would have been mostly running in V4 mode most of the drive) cylinder #3 or #5 on cold starting .. I'll use another camera with a better microphone to pick it out..
  3. Well my engine ran low on oil thanks to a chain shop Not a standard failure they Failed to secure my oil filter and plug it sounded just like this ... the chain shop was sending there insurance adjuster.. I know the VVT system is sensitive to oil loss(and cleanliness ) compared to the normal push rod setup..... I spend a lot of money buying this and maintenance costs only for someone else to screw up my engine it sucks I was paying a lot of money to have the oil changes done every 4k miles on this Non oil burner (i still have not lost any oil since ) it was pretty cold last night 27f here in the desert this is what my start up sounds like earlier today... it leaked out in a short time frame of 164miles it's not like it would have mattered if I checked it every 1k miles(but i do anyways) If i had a DirtyMAX Hoe that sound would be fine!
  4. Not true my suv vibrated heavy at 67 to 76mph after replacement of the pads and rotors (turned) it went away I did not feel anything from the pedal
  5. it's true my VVT cam shaft is damaged on my Gen IV the oil pan was bone dry oil is cooked blacken (it just means it ran low and overheated ) ran low on oil because the bone heads at pepboys damage my engine, by NOT tightening the oil filter correctly so all the oil leaked out on a 160 miles trip My VVT system sounds like a unfortionly like a diesel engine now... MAD right now upon start up my unicorn is died RIP born Jan 2008- died 9/29/2019 they killed it
  6. SO my AFM bank of cylinders is running lean/rich the O2 sensor drops to ZERO volts (Flat 0.00 volts) so is it safe to assume the sensor is dead? the V8 bank runs fine no lean/rich issue at all
  7. if the sensor failed you would have gotten a P0420/p0430 and would show 0.00 volts for your code i would look at the MAF might need to be cleaned
  8. they hold 8.5qt or so maybe the place he took it too only put 4.5qt
  9. you increased the height and tire size that means you increased the "drag" on it if you want better MPG get a Prius .. or volt 17 to 14.5 = 2.5MPG which sounds about right 3 or 4 is incorrect math
  10. that is normal for a 4x4 if you want better mileage buy a Prius
  11. sorry it's the hybrid version it has a 60KW(80HP) ultra HIGH speed starter it will spin the engine to 1,000 or 2,000 RPM in a Half of a second... it can drive it upto 30mph in EV the starter in built into the transmission i thought the mild hybrid use the "Belt based starter" those are 16 or 20hp or so(they start via the crankshaft) instead of the flywheel plate
  12. they are worried about crankshaft wear it has a 60kw 3 phase 300volt starter No wimpy 12voltDC starter but you still do need a good working 12volt battery for everything to work correctly... (since it runs the normal 12 volt stuff )
  13. i think they are scared of damaging the engine Mine with at lest Half of million AutoStop cycles is still going strong she starts up right away No issues.. Nothing will happen as long as you change the engine oil often enough, the engine was well taken care of as it has No Sludge NO oil consumption etc. it has a 300volt 3Phase 60KW starter motor starts the engine much faster then a normal engine starter
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