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  1. costco gets it left over batches of fuel (meaning it can be 'any brand' fuel ) how do you think it's bargain basement pricing ?(they buy the left overs that were not put into other gas stations) normally it's 'seconds quality' it's about as good as using a 10 blended oil change.. never know what you are getting at the pump... based on google results it's the DEF bad quality or weak fuel injector if it keeps happening just lemon law it... and get another one
  2. what i mean is a place with a good reputation like Mobil or chevron shell etc.. mom and pop stations might have old contaminated fuel... it might be fine in an emergency but not daily use... that is why i'll buy several bottles of Techron additive just in case i have to fill up at a mom and pop station.....on a trip* * not on a rental because i don't care about that car i will put the cheapest gas i can find..
  3. cause he is getting carbon build up on the injectors that is the cause of the code
  4. duramax= diesel most people use the cheapest diesel they can get.. put 4-5 bottles of techron-D see if clears it up
  5. I did a bit of searching the cause could be a fouled injector with carbon build up good luck with it though it seems it might be a reoccurring issue in the future you use cheapest crap you can find correct?
  6. Paying attention prevents more crashes ... I prevented 2 crashes if I was not paying attention I would have gotten hit pretty bad 1st .. by a Stoned driver (he ran a stop sign while I was going 50MPH in a 55 zone ) if you been to Los Angeles it's the CA-110 northern section with stop sign entrances. for sure i would have been dead as it would have flipped the SUV over and over.. Very precise movements were required.. I pushed the SUV to the limits that time .. I was able to maintain perfect control.. Props to the electrical power steering and ABS ... luckily the other two lanes were clear(i had just checked my mirrors) I had a gut feeling he was going to run the stop sign which is why i checked my mirrors (i check them very often to keep my options open) if there was other cars i would have just plowed into him... NO way was i going to hit others to try and clear the dumb ass and let him get away with it (i would have been aiming for the tires to break his axle or pull wheel) I had been practicing on rural roads lately (once a week) to gain more experience... there is one road i have been taking that has hair pin turns... 2nd another doing a burn out and almost t boned me on a dual left turn... I was able to drift the rear end of the SUV As soon as i heard the squealing of his tires It was a split second i floored to RED line 6,000RPM... giving enough slip on the rear end to drift it with Traction control on and stabilitrac on there is sooo much torque so it's possible ... to do it that drift gave me an extra 2 feet (was not going very fast hence only getting 2 feet of extra clearance) basically i was off angle as if I was making a right turn (the intersection had cameras no worries ) JUST barely was missed me by a few inches... My biggest Suggestion is to keep an escape path available 100% of the time, even if you are in bumper to bumper traffic it can still be done NEVER trap yourself in traffic if you trap your self in bumper to bumper traffic you increase the risk of a crash significantly. in the last 8 years I have driven over 100,000 miles..
  7. did you remember to fill up your exhaust fluid? or get any foreign substance in it? i.e fuel
  8. is that the old vacuum system or electrical based? I remember seeing somewhere they did like 4 or 5 revised versions of the controller
  9. I think my airbag is counterfeit the chevy face plate is worn out when i first bought the SUV it looked new it had a single scratch now it's all "worn out" like 30 years of wear and tear i'm going to take it to the dealer see what they say.. even if i have to pay for it apparently the control module was tampered with at some point.. as the carpet was cut to get to it.. that is 8k miles of wear it could not have gotten that much damage in only 8k miles maybe if it was 140k miles ok then( I was looking at some with 140k miles on CL with similar wear and tear)
  10. Change your oil often 6k miles (you have 8.5qt so it can go a bit longer then the 6qt ones (4,000 miles OCI is recommended) At it's current mileage its more then likely has seen well over 200,000 Engine Start/Stop cycles (AutoStop) I have a 60,000 Watt 300Volt AC 3 phase starter no worries there.. AND burns NO oil because it's changed often a keep clean with NO SLUDGE.. NO wear and tear on the engine OR make sure the shop actually changes the oil lot of the time THEY don't change the oil at all..
  11. they had this for a while circa 2008* so you can keep AFM mode much longer *on the hybrid model only.. basically they ported over things from the hybrid model to the newer non hybrid models such as the electrical power steering, brake system (see vacuum pump) ,VVT system and extended AFM. this is nothing new having the secondary system... that one time I lost complete power the brake system locked up ( all 4 wheels locked up aka Fail Safe)
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