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  1. the newer freon is garbage 134a the best (R12 even better) on my electric A/C it gets cold quickly with in 15 seconds its getting cold it's all ready freezing after 5-10min
  2. Yes a bicycle inter tube on the exhaust will louden it up for 5$ No need to cut it
  3. tell them you want to Lemon law it... too many issues to deal with
  4. less MPG and engine braking.. it's fine I use it sometimes my self (only to disable Auto stop) on CA-110 (Stop sign entrance ) other wise i don't use it That is the only way i can get to 0 to 40-45 in a few seconds... since i will have the power of the ICE and electric motors
  5. it's not my fault most are too lazy to get the oil changed or do maintenance . I checked out about 13 Tahoes, all of them were poorly maintained(except 3 of them) even though they advertised as being "WELL Maintained " the bottom line Dirty oil is the beginning of your problems .... if you want a heavy duty oil system you install your own after market cooler and a dual filter system and a Aux pump with the AFM system it starts with the Oil pressure sensor & screen (it becomes a make shift oil filter)and you end with a empty pocket.. because too lazy to change the oil and then whine when it burns oil... or consumes oil there is people that reported oil still being consumed after a full rebuild... Are you guys EVEN checking the oil correctly anyways????? it has to be sitting on flat land and OFF for at lest 10 hours to get a full accurate reading..... other wise it's just a imaginative oil loss that does not exist.
  6. Yeah but the other person cited he was towing when your towing with a 3.73/4.10 gear it's in the 3000 to 4000 rpm range most of the time.. when towing the OCI is shorter. with the stock pan. if you want a longer OCI with Towing you need to ADD capacity to the oil pan and a larger filter... mine is 3.08 gear (the additional torque 379HP/472ft-lb makes up for it) So it's a lower RPM band and Very High Tourqe output from the electric motor(s)
  7. shell is not top tier all they sell is garbage gas they don't even put the correct octanes in the correct tank (or they are cheating at the two local stations or with the full 10% ethanol).. I bet you don't even change your own oil his truck burns oil because he caused the damage.... always half of what the manufacture recommends if they recommend you change it at 7500 miles or 10,000 miles That is because they want it to last 100,000 miles and that is it.. and YOU Will have to buy a new one.. That is why you are a Chevy legend if you make it to 100,000 miles (should be set to 300,000 miles) they all ready know you would not make it to 200k or 300,000 miles without a significant repair.
  8. No my grandpa was a heavy machinery mechanic as his day job..he made 100k/year (in todays dollars). even manufacturing his own tools.. ( When you could not find a store bought one) (and worked on his own cars/ Heavy duty trucks only)... So I know quite a bit more then you know about cars I also worked on my own car as well.. he had many cars since the 1940s at lest 3 dozen (had a hord of 12-15 at one time) You buy a tow rated filter (the larger version) which will filter longer... another issue is vaporization/evaporation of the oil which happens at higher oil temps.. since you are running 3-4,000 rpm for extended periods ... this will wear the oil faster then cursing on the highway at 1300rpm.. for every Half mile at 3-4k rpm = 1 city mile driven so 9600 miles oil change might have well been a 20,000 mile oil change Please save the shit about 18 wheelers going 15-20,000 miles/ oil change they have upwards of 7- 15 gals depending on the engine and a SUPER Sized filter If i wanted to tow something I'd rent a pickup from hertz .. it's only 29$ for the day(actual cost unlike u-haul chagrining 120$ for a day) good for burn outs etc. too or to have fun burning up the tires and clutch.. LOL! like i did on a trip from Los Angeles to phoenix and back in one day 950miles round trip in 10 hour(some load up time and breaks) it gets boring driving 110mph on the freeway.. my 6.0L was never used for towing.....2 previous owners that is why it still work good
  9. well you use it for towing and needs oil changed more often then 6000-9600 miles was it very black and thick? when it came out more like tar then oil? I know carbon starts to show up around 3000 miles Dirty oil is like sand in a river it wears away the rocks. as to the carbon in the oil wears away the seals and rings take a sand blaster to aluminum it will punch a hole pretty quickly that is what you do with dirty oil to the seals and rings etc.. clean water in a pipe will last 100 years.... you caused the damage..you should accept that... newer engines have tighter clearances then 70/80s stuff the newest engines use 0w16 oil
  10. No they burn oil because lack of maintenance.....7500 miles oil change is a JOKE. so unless you have a jumbo 1qt filter , Dirty oil fouls up the Seals and orings(WEAR and TEAR) as well as the lifter oil manifold assembly solenoid they required clean oil to work correctly..
  11. yeah that is why you burn oil they did not change it enough and used 87 oct and broke your AFM Yes even on a NA v8 there will be some power gains (esp if it's flex fuel compatible version) My engine Does Not Burn Oil 3300 miles so far , ZERO Consumption No SLUDGE.... period 89,900 miles
  12. garbage gas garbage results..... correct... shell has garbage gas= garbage results v-power = very powerless engine
  13. Use Mobil/Exxon or Chevron/Texaco that is because your knocking in v4 AFM causing blow by... 18.5 is what i get with shitty gas or 87 (even if you try hard to "hypermile" ) the timing is retarded really bad in v4 (even with premium it clocks down to 10 on the timing advancement) so you need premium(91/93) for AFM, VVT and V8 mode to work correct ( Mobil/Exxon or Chevron/Texaco 91 or 93 preferred if available )
  14. my City is highway speeds So i can get 22.5 with out issue typical city speeds is 40 to 60mph on the bigger street Regeneration = free mpg
  15. I prefer to keep mine as long as possible i hate dealing with dealers and the scam products they offer that *you* must buy in order to buy a car when I helped my grandpa get a car I got stabbed with a pen by the paper work guy. thanks chevy dealer of lancaster,ca

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