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  1. Ground wires if you hatched opened sounds like power was applied to it.. or power was rerouted tripping the sensor check all the ground wires ...
  2. I ran her at 2500 rpms 70-72mph the fuel trims were almost spot on at 3.5+ even went down to 0 a few times maybe it just needed an italian tune up ?
  3. thats too bad i can see a lot of people doing illegal hookups to get that "0.025" rate on non car charging
  4. La DWP Electric Vehicle Incentives (ladwp.com) Option 3: Separate EV TOU Meter Service and EV Discount Customers can request an installation of a second meter in their residence or business solely dedicated to the EV charger that will be billed on the Time-of-Use Rate. This option requires a meter change and does qualify for the EV discount rate. The EV discount is $0.025 per kwh and applies to base period charges. There is a $10 per month minimum charge plus adjustment factors (if your energy charges, which do not include adjustment factor charges, are less than $10, the energy charge will be billed the minimum $10). For more information, visit the EV / NEM / REO Rates page.
  5. this is not the first elertic pick up truck GM had the S10e in the 1990s they made 492 on them
  6. Car charging is heavily subsidized it's only 0.02/kwh under the condition the power co gets to have it back for free when the grid needs it
  7. the tahoe/silverado/yukon**/escalade* hybrid is only rated to (6000/6100/6200/5600pounds)pounds towing.... despite having more power then the 5.3L engine... this is mostly due to the gear ratio at the rear end 3.08 most likely
  8. the MAF data would be nice too... besides the map data but the odds are HIGHLY stacked that it's the MAF sensor... I have a brand new sensor i;ll see where they should be at i.e 600 rpm 1100 rpm and 2000 , 2500 rpm (not any higher as i don't want to "keep accelerating " as the engine is geared way differently to other 6.0s) between 1200 and 2500 it will be at 20 to 40 g/s(more if accelerating less if steady speed)
  9. MAF/IAT sensors are notorious for failures on the GMT800 i would ask a friend to borrow one How to Fix a Car that Cranks Too Long (Mass Air Flow Sensor) - YouTube the "key on" data should match the baro sensor (the other map sensor)...these are two different sensors btw(i learned that the hard way) the Baro MAP(located under the throttle body*) is a open air sensor and the MAP is on top of the intake manifold* *may vary
  10. i see, I going to try and reset the seal on the throttle body ( clean it ) and MAP sensor.. i'll try the map sensor first then the I also check the bolts for the intake manifold. they could have been sabotaged by that last place i had taken it to... they also messed with the PVC valve also do you think it could be the use of 91 octane? causing the higher fuel trims ? The timing advancement is in the 38 to 42 range while driving..... I checked my fuelly MPG it says i averaged 23.9mpg(100% City only) over 283 miles.. (11.838 gallons fuel used) this is since march 1st....(Yes everything is super far and i'm glad i can go 70mph on the surface streets)..I have not had any issues with the engine misfiring on start up( I have been Holding the key in the start position for an extra second) this should not hurt the starter motor in anyway... as that motor is designed to move the whole SUV anyways
  11. i checked with water i did not hear any slurping noises. I did notice this abnormality with the sensor #2 under idle condition and while driving at 1200 rpm both O2 down stream #2 sensors dropped to voltage 0.165 then went back to 0.75-0.765 ish it did it multiple times at certain engine speeds(keeping in mind it has aggressive Deceleration fuel cut off ) so there is no way to know for sure with out something that can see that data also while it was running both downstream sensors dropped to 0.165 (with the Engine on at 1050 rpm) M4-Gear at 8mph.. it seemed like a Deceleration fuel cut off event (as noted by the instant mpg reading showed 99MPG )but was steady speed.. of 1050 rpm I did tighten up the connection at the throttle body ( the plastic tube ) it did help slightly in the single digits mostly 6-8 . with some peaks at 10. should i try and reset the connection tube?
  12. it was recalled due to low voltage low voltage can overheat wires easy GM Recalls Trucks, SUVs for Steering Problem - Consumer Reports maybe you should have your battery load tested that would be a good place to start... also don't forget to file a complaint with the NHTSA
  13. can a dirty air filter cause high fuel trim i.e air restriction it's been awhile since the filter was changed 15k miles ago or so this is a LEV2 emissions system . also i think the O2 sensor(s) might be lazy as i noticed the sensor 2 creep up while it was running also the values between the banks don't match (sensor #2) (slowly creep up tell it matched) the other was 0.785 steady (i'll have to confirm) the values on sensor one were changing like normal..
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