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  1. Yeah I have the power fold mirrors, and I've seen some on Amazon for a few hundred, obviously the ones that still power fold cost more, assuming they retain that functionality, but I'm also concerned over difficulty of install, so mirrors that could fold since my current ones do, and something DIY would be good
  2. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Just picked up my Denali and got a RC 7" lift with 22" Hostile Predators in asphalt with 35" Toyo RT open country tires. Flowmaster super 10 with turndown after the muffler, and 20%tint all around, think I'm done for now, time to enjoy
  3. Was considering replacing the mirrors on my 18 sierra 1500 denali with the tow style mirrors that I think would go with the lift etc. that i'm just wrapping up. Any input, pictures, suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Just picked up this truck and have been trying to nail down the details for the lift and tire wheel combo. So far I am planning a 6" lift with 20" or 22" x 10 wheels and 35" x 12.5" AT tires. So the main thing I'm split on is the wheel diameter, so any input on this or the other mods would be appreciated.

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