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  1. I feel for you. I got hit from behind and pushed into the car in front of me when my truck was 10 days old. Every body panel except left bedside and 2 of the 4 doors had to be replaced plus quite a bit behind the bumper in the front. $17k later the truck is back in one piece and has been perfect ever since. They can do wonders fixing the damage as long as the frame is OK. Your truck will be good as new after repairs. Important thing is that you and your daughter were not hurt. Interesting fact...when I was insuring my motorcycle, Geico suggested I get uninsured motorist and quoted a statistic that 1 in 4 drivers in Florida are driving uninsured. Crazy!
  2. Beautiful truck. Have fun with it! Mudflaps will help protect the sides of the truck from rock chips, so I always recommend those early on. WeatherTech has some nice ones that are no drill so you don't introduce a possible rust point.
  3. I assume you are replacing the axle shafts, not the entire axles, correct?
  4. I would add one caveat...avoid too many WOT starts from a dead stop. That stresses your driveline components (driveshaft, axleshafts, especially u-joints) and can lead to premature failure. This is true of any vehicle, not just trucks. Once you are rolling and all warmed up, go for it.
  5. One point to remember if you still have factory warranty. Range does not modify the truck's code so is undetectable by the dealer once unplugged. Any tuner that changes settings in the truck will flag the dealer that modifications have been made and may impact your warranty. I have the Range and have no complaints with it. -Paul
  6. After collision repairs to my truck, I now have this exact same problem. Wipers work on high only, and stop where they are without reset to resting position when in any other mode. Did you find the fix for this? -Paul
  7. I've always gone with Coverking, but you will exceed that $350 max for front and rear. You do get what you pay for and need to consider how long you planning on keeping the truck and covers. Coverking have lasted 5+ years for me and still looked like new. -Paul
  8. Another option you have is to buy an aftermarket homelink module and install it yourself. I did this on my Chevy Colorado (previous truck to my Silverado) and it worked perfectly. You just have to find a place to install it, find a power and a ground wire, and cut a hole using the supplied template. I installed my homelink in the roof console in the Colorado...some folks install it into the headliner, others into the sunvisor. The module I used is the GenTex 60HMLKV5, which you can find on ebay or other electronics sites. -Paul
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