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  1. 2 questions What does a new truck bed cost? Where do you buy one? Just wondering what a replacement 8 foot truck bed would cost. Where do you buy something like this? I don't see anything online. Also, how many hours would a shop charge to replace one ? How major a repair is replacing rusted frame cross members? How common is this? How many hours would a shop charge to replace the 2 main ones? Seems like a huge repair
  2. I was looking under the truck. Middle of truck, behind the driver's door. There is a dangling braided ground strap. Can someone take a photo of where it attaches on both ends? That would be a big help!
  3. I was lying under the passenger side of the truck In front of the rear wheel, looking forward This is the underside of the bed or rear fender Look at the black undercoating. Was this bed replaced? There is a stark contrast with how clean black it looks.
  4. Truck sat for a few weeks. Large puddle under the rear diff. I removed the 3/8 square fill plug pretty easily. Topped it off with 75/90 Rear place looks rusty. Hard job to remove and replace? Replace the rusted plate also or just the gasket? Best place to buy the part(s)? Cost if a shop does it?
  5. Got the 2 used emblems attached today. Looks great ! Thanks for all the help!
  6. Thanks. I bookmarked this link. I see the Nameplates. Great tip for part numbers. https://www.gmpartsgiant.com/2002-chevrolet-silverado-1500_4wd-parts.html
  7. I can't find any emblems for a 2002 on that website. Can you tell me exactly what you clicked?
  8. I found the 2 emblems USED for $37 total on Ebay. Crazy to call that a deal, but all other options were $45-$80/ea NUTS.
  9. Thanks, but $90 and $70 for 2 emblems? Damn, what a ripoff ! I'll stick to Ebay. Still want to know how he found the part numbers.
  10. I ended up removing the entire decal. Now, I have a blank tailgate. I want to find 2002 era style emblems like this. Can someone help me find this?
  11. 2002 Silverado 1500 Getting a dent removed on the tailgate. I think the last 3 letters will need to be removed. ".....LET" Can I get replacement stickers? Or should I just remove all the letters? This is not a photo of my truck, mine is much nicer condition. But, the letters look just like this image I found online (except mine are white)
  12. Switch is ok, since wipers engage, but no fluid. What's common? Clogged nozzle or dead pump? Can I replace pump from underneath? I see vids taking out the battery and tray and reservoir.
  13. What are all the parts I should replace, if I don't know the service history? I already got the brakes and exhaust replaced. Tires are ok for now. I'd like to replace all the fluids. Oil Brake Fluid Coolant Rear Diff. fluid Front Diff. fluid Xfer Case Fluid Tranny drain/fill. Steering fluid ??? What other basic parts? Air filter. Spark plugs ??
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